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02-10-2007, 23:54
This is an urgent post for assistance from the VCDL:

Urgent: If you live, shoot, or hunt in Rockbridge County, the
Planning Commission is considering some strong restrictions on
shooting and hunting.

The Planning Commission meets Wednesday, February 14th, at 7 PM in
the Court Room and they have citizen comments early in the meeting.
The County's main government building is at 150 South Main St,
Lexington, VA 24450. The phone is (540) 463-4361.

Based on some documents that have been sent to me, here is some of
what they are looking to do (what have they put in your drinking
water out there?):

* You will be restricted to having no more than six (6) rounds in a
magazine on a shooting range(!)

* You cannot fire a fully automatic firearm at a shooting range

* A shooting range must have at least 250 acres of land (!)

* If you have guests on your own property shooting, you will be
restricted to having such a shoot 4 times per year and then you can
only have 5 other people on your land shooting and you, or a family
member living there, MUST be present (!)

* No Sunday operations except for a total of 4 single day activities.
These single day activities shall begin after 12 noon and end one
hour before sunset.

The list is extensive.

Unfortunately, I am tied up with the General Assembly and we don't
have any Executive members that can help out there.

If you can attend the hearing and speak against all of these
unnecessary restrictions, let me know. Also let me know if you want
to take the lead on this. In either case, I can email you the
proposed regulations.

Thanks to John Hall for first alerting me to this situation.

If you can't make Wednesday's meeting, send an email or call the
Commission members, asking them not to adopt these bad and
unnecessary restrictions.

Here is their contact information:


Rockbridge members - you must move swiftly to head this off at the
pass! Be sure to notify friends, family, and coworkers in Rockbridge
about this.

Tony S45
02-11-2007, 06:31
Thank you for posting this information. I am sending an email right away to Rockbridge. In addition I will alert all those that I know that live in Rockbridge Co.

02-11-2007, 15:41
Just came over to post this. Glad you beat me. I posted it on all the VA hunting boards I belong to.

Good luck to you Rockbridge guys!!

Tony S45
02-12-2007, 08:37
I have sent an email plus a fax to the Rockbridge County folks with email addresses on the link referenced above to express my concern that they are dooming the hunting and shooting sports in their County to extinction with onerous discriminatory rules.

I challenge each of you Virginians to send and email ASAP to express your concerns as well!

here's a better link if the one above gives you fits:


Found that a couple of the Rockbridge email addresses don't work so here's the county fax number: 540-463-5981

Tony S45
02-16-2007, 05:07
Victory in Rockbridge County!

Thanks primarily to the VCDL, emails and faxes flooded to Rockbridge County Planning Commission members and the meeting was standing room only.

Their anti-gun ideas were "tabled."

We must remain vigilant and the VCDL is our best statewide organization to help us protect our civil rights.

I challenge you to join VCDL. Google VCDL and download an application. VCDL works for us 24/7 and we must support the efforts or slowly loose our shooting rights. The choice is yours.

02-16-2007, 12:50
As a native of Rockbridge County, I wish to thank each and every one of you (us) that sprung into action over these issues. I no longer live there, but I still have strong ties to the community. I did my part to speak against the proposed anti-restrictions. Please never allow your guard and/or complacency to hinder fighting antis everywhere they rear their heads.

I personally know the majority of Rockbridge Supervisors. I do not know the guy that proposed the anti-firearm provisions. I mention this to sort of defend Rockbridge and it's citizens. Knowing the inhabitants and representation as I do, I do not think these anti-statutes would have stood a chance... then again, stranger things have happened. {eta an addendum to the this paragraph}Rockbridge has experienced a migration from the 'north' over the past years... and "stranger things" have occurred by their influence and votes... remain ever vigilant.

Last year, the Supervisors of Rockbridge repealed a statute concerning loaded arms within a vehicle. This statute was originally enacted as a knee-jerk over a horrible and accidental tragedy that resulted in a fatality. The Supers saw their error in an emotional response and repealed the act. Rockbridge is fairly firearm friendly and I hope that it always remains within this mindset.

The VCDL report concerning the Rockbridge situation:

Victory in Rockbridge!

How do you define a VCDL activist?

I would define it as someone who would drive all the way from Virginia Beach to Rockbridge and back (490 miles round trip, 10 hours total drive time) to fight for his fellow gun owners and show the VCDL colors!

That is exactly what Leigh Dyer did yesterday.

And the good people of Rockbridge are appreciative. This from Linda Layser:

"Thank you so much for keeping us informed of potential actions that may erode our constitutional rights. You may have heard that the Rockbridge Planning Commission tabled these recommendations and will start over. There was a standing room only group for this meeting.
I did not catch the name of the gentleman that drove all the way from Virginia Beach, but is nice to know there are people out there watching our backs. The show of support by the shooting sports attendees was impressive considering the weather here has been so bad many could not make it. Thank You Linda Layser"

You guys and gals are impressive.

Anyway, it turns out that the person who wrote the proposed ordinance changes, Gene Browning, was not being malicious or anti-gun, he just did not know much about guns or hunting. The six round limit for guns on a shooting range was a number that he pulled out of the air and he admitted it. (The whole thing looked pretty arbitrary to me.) One of the Commission members told Mr. Browning that he had a loaded rifle in his car with more that six rounds in it and he wasn't about to go to his car and remove those extra rounds!

Basically the overwhelming response from gun owners (and the packed
room) caused the whole concept to be canned.

Even the County Attorney said that there were serious constitutional and legal issues (particularly preemption) with the proposal.

It turns out this whole thing was to address a SINGLE CASE, where a homeowner was afraid his neighbor might open a skeet range. :-(

Leigh did say that VCDL needs to get more members in Rockbridge and the surrounding area - and he is right. The time to have a strong membership is BEFORE there is a problem, not after.

Rockbridge - time to get the word out in gun stores, gun ranges, gun shows, etc.

As to why he went so far to fight this particular battle, Leigh told a reporter, "... a bad law in any county is a bad law for the Commonwealth because counties tend to follow the lead of adjoining counties, and that a rural county is the worst place of all to start a bad precedent."

You bet. VCDL has been successful because of our attention to detail and our willingness to fight everywhere and anywhere that our gun rights are threatened. We hang together because we will surely hang separately if we don't.

Thanks to all the people on this list who emailed, called, and attended that meeting.

You made a difference and you can be proud of it.

Again, my personal "HUGE THANK YOU" to everyone who lent a hand and voice!