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Dead Man's Hand
02-11-2007, 10:40

I spend a little time there recently and I loved the small town feel. Seemed like all the fun of Vegas without the "over the top" feel, it also still seemed to be very much a cowboy town.

I am thinking in a few years after I finish up school for my BS degree about moving the area. What is the area like? How about the job market? Housing?

Thanks! :wavey:

02-21-2007, 22:48
housing is overpriced. I'm here GETTING my BS degree and I'm out of here ASAP after I graduate. Job market, non-degree wise, is a lot of "who's my friend" B.S. I wouldn't live here if someone paid me to do it.

Funny thing to me is the "new mall" is hated by lots of people because it's "too far." wtf?

Grand Sierra is nice though. The casino's NOT downtown are putting money into building new things and updating the area to bring in some money.

Honest opnion.........move into sparks or any area AROUND reno but not IN reno. It's much nicer outside of reno.

02-22-2007, 11:04
Housing is way, way overpriced right now, but it's been coming down for the past 8 months or so. There was a real-estate speculation mania for a few years, and it peaked at the beginning of 2006. It needs to come down about 60% from it's high. Your timing might be just about right.

Guns and outdoors-wise it's a paradise. Drive a little outside of town and you can shoot all you want. Lots of places to ride motorcyles and drive offroad. Tons of places to explore in the desert all around and little towns to the east and south. Don't miss the basque food in Gardnerville/Minden -- great family experience. Don't miss the Nevada Gun Exhange in Carson City -- a real old-time gun shop (although any gun shop in Nevada is great compared to the garbage in california).

Job-wise it's ok. If you are an educated person, you should not have a problem getting a pretty good gig.

Generally it takes a little getting used to if you come from a place with lots of rain and trees. But the desert is beautiful in its own way.

There are a lot of relatively poor people. Crime is relatively high as is drug use and the rate of high school dropouts.

It's not the california bay area where everyone is rich and everything is beautiful, but in Nevada you are free.

my 2 cents

02-22-2007, 16:43
Originally posted by ted_bell
Don't miss the Nevada Gun Exhange in Carson City -- a real old-time gun shop (although any gun shop in Nevada is great compared to the garbage in california).

It's not the california bay area where everyone is rich and everything is beautiful, but in Nevada you are free.

my 2 cents

This is a big attitude. You have to hate CA for some reason. I don't know why and I don't understand it because so many people go to Sac. (2 hour drive) to go shopping or get anything.

I liked CA very much and I didn't have to deal with people who say "o your from ___ you are not very welcome here" and mean it. The nor-cal so-cal thing was it and a lot of people knew that was just stupid stuff anyways.

There is a common phrase with living in reno, if you hate the weather, wait 5 minutes. 5 minutes ago it was snowing (not heavy) and now its sunny.

02-26-2007, 11:24
Based on living in california for 40 years, I would say that my distaste, for the government there and some of the people, is severe. If you love freedom, you can't love california.

03-25-2007, 23:54
I moved to Fernley (about 35 miles east of Reno) about a year and a half ago from Michigan. Weather wise it's a paradise compared to MI gun wise it's glory be! I live about about 1/4 mile from all the shooting area in the world it seems.

I'm retired and am appalled by the cost of living here. Seems like they're trying to match California in taxes, fees and prices.... 3.09 for a gallon of gas???? Give me a break. All because we get it from California. There also seems to be two types of people here. One is the conservatives... they are the ones from California that DON'T like California and two the idiot liberals from California that try to bring their stupid and dangerous laws and customs here but keep getting shot down by the good people of Nevada. But just like all good little liberals they never give up. The good ex-Californians can't stand them. Our favorite bumper sticker here in N. Nevada says "I don't care how it's done in California". I don't include people from other states in my critique because the California transplants outnumber them by at least 10-1 and mostly the ones I have met are like me...glad to be living in a place that one can enjoy great freedom.

Oh, I have to take my wife to Reno for chemo every Monday morning and we try like hell to get out of that hell hole before noon when the Californians get over the mountains to shop there... not in Sacramento.

As far as jobs, my wife who is an experienced college administartor could not find a job anywhere...part time of full time. Why? Se's too old and she doesn't speak Spanish.....GRRRRRRRRR...that's another story.:soap:

Ten years ago when we visited here Reno had a nice small town feel. Not now. I'd never live IN Reno. l like just where I'm at.:)

03-26-2007, 14:43
see above for the typical Nevada attitude towards California. Nevermind the fact that people are moving here FROM California...because if you say you liked ANY part of California the above is the type of attitude you get.

Before the newest outdoor/outlet style mall opened with big name stores (Dillars, Black White, Abercrombie, Hollister, Jared, Coldcreek, Orvis, Apple/Mac store, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coach just to name some of the stores there) the malls here were a dump and everyone here knows it but put up with it. Now I hear about people complaining about the 15 minutes they have to drive to get to the new mall and the fact that it is outdoors is INSANE to people in Nevada.

Nevadans have this idea that their state is the greatest thing in the world and it should just stay as it is. Never mind the new high rises being built downtown, next to the Atlantis casino (which is also building a new convention center) and the Grand Sierra Resort (Formally the Hilton). Northern Nevada just hates anyone who comes in with a new idea. They are a bunch of rednecks and it will always be a white trash town.

Even Sparks people hate coming into Reno. Everyone here trys to think it's such a great place but the schools are 47th in education across the United States. Tell you anything about the area?

Galena, Carson City, Sparks, Double Diamond are much nicer areas. Too bad they are located near Reno. O well.

03-26-2007, 23:28
Well like I said I have only been here for a year and a half and it didn't take long for me to develop that attitude about Californians. I don't hate California. In fact I think it is one beautiful place especially northern CA. The only thing wrong with California is it's loaded with Californians.:banana: Liberals that are all moving to Reno anyway and driving the housing prices so high that Nevada leads the nation in foreclosures. That spills over into places like Fernley where lots of retired people live that can't afford it. The typical house in Fernley at the golf course...where I live... should sell for $175,000 to $200,000 max. But because the housing was all bought up by Californians that wanted to make a BIG quick buck, the prices jumped to $300,000 to almost $400,000 then the bottom fell out. We have a bunch of dumbbells still trying to sell their homes for $300,000 plus and it's turning one of Nevada's nicest communities into a giant for sale lot. Most of the homes for sale here are owned by...yep you guessed it...CALIFORNIANS. Many have never seen their homes here.

And why is Nevada ranked 47th in education? Could it be because most of the school aged children CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH??? Take a real hard look at this. LOTS of IAs here and where do they come from??? Yep you guessed it again...CALIFORNIA! I-80 is a pipeline for illegals. They can't get from Mexico directly to Nevada they have to come through some other place and CA is it. I have to pay a premium whenever we go to a doctor or RENOWN medical center because I have insurance but the poor unfortunate IAs don't so give us that extra $100.00 to help take care of them.

Ah well that's life in the Silver State. For the most part I spend all my time in Fernley with some trap shooting in Fallon and I just relax.

03-27-2007, 09:20
I actually just drove through ernley and fallon over the weekend and THAT area is really nice. Sure it's a 20 minute drive on I 80 to get to reno but there isn't any traffic. If I was considering moving to the "Reno" area for a long time I would probably go out there because it looks like half the people driving are just driving through. They have pretty much everything my home town of Morgan Hill in CA along with the size and I enjoyed it growing up.

03-27-2007, 09:23
There ARE some condos coming up for sale in Sparks though. Casoleil i believe...googled it

The wife and I were looking at buying here. they called us a few times about the model we wanted. They are about half way through phase 1 and they have a model flly upgraded they are offering us for $280. This is a great price but we just couldn't move right now.

03-27-2007, 12:44
$280 doesn't sound bad at all for Sparks. Maybe you better snatch it up.:thumbsup:

Fernley is basically a bedroom community for Reno. People work in Reno and just come home to Fernley to sleep. We are trying to change that. We want to build a BIG shooting sports complex here that has trap, skeet, clays and all disciplines of pistol and rifle. We certainly have the room and some support from the BLM but money of course is always the problem. Fun thinking about though.

Fernley's nickname??? Ferntucky :animlol: We're trying to change that too.

Fallon is a nice little town that has the Naval Air Station, Top Gun, so it caters to the Navy boys. Plus it's the bread basket of Nevada. Very fertile.

One of best things about Nevada is the guns laws. Sheriff here stops you for something and asks if your carrying a gun and you say no he asks "Why not?":supergrin:

Also being built half way between Fernley and Reno right off of I-80 is the world's largest industrial park. Right now there is a HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE Walmart distribution center. The plans are mighty big and anyone looking for a job will probably have no trouble finding one there in the next couple of years.

03-27-2007, 13:29
Reno is getting Cabela at the west end of town.

Tuff ***** for those Renobillies that hate CA money. California does about 50% or more of Cabela's business.