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02-13-2007, 15:06
So to stir up some starting threads here on LDS Club, I figure I'll brag a little bit about my stake.

Currently my ward has no fewer than 10 full-time missionaries out in the field... this is the most missionaries that my ward has ever supported at one time.
Above that, the missionaries that were serving in Doylestown Ward were taken away from us to our disappointment because they were needed elsewhere... however our ward growth has not slowed even tho we have to do all missionary work with the general members! :)

Where did our missionaries go, you wonder? Where else? Philadelphia! The growth we are seeing in the city is tremendous, as this past year we saw 396 baptisims! We basically made a new ward from scratch!

So Philadelphia Stake has serious bragging rights right now.

:tongueout: :banana:

02-13-2007, 16:59
That's pretty good, but last year my branch had 10... ;)

02-13-2007, 19:08
My ward is mainly military. Not a lot of people stay. They are usually here a year then gone.

02-13-2007, 21:26
Originally posted by KSSWATCOP
My ward is mainly military. Not a lot of people stay. They are usually here a year then gone.

i hear that living in mil. wards is tough... with all the moving and stuff - hard to get to know people well. My sister-in-law's husband is mil. out in "the Springs".

02-14-2007, 00:21
I LOVE my ward, when my youngest daughter moved down from Idaho the day after her Jr yr, I had to move to town, the guest house I was living in out west on a ranch was too small for two of us.

So we looked and the sprit took us to this small house in town, its an older home and looks danged kewl, long story short, my daughter was welcomed into the ward as was I, she later was called as Laural Class Pres and she had a super Sr yr, tween Rodeos and FFA and the Ward she had one heck of a good yr. :)

She is now a college girl and has roomates and is going to SUU and working at Cal Ranch and helping me some with my training business. I am thankful the spirt lead us to that house. Altho I don't like living in town I stayed in the house cause of the ward.

I am renting an arena and 10 arces less than 5 minutes away for my training and our own horses, the folks who own the place are nice folks, and they are glad I am there to feed and such when they are gone, plus I ride some of there horses in exchange for letting me use the place. Plus they know I am there pretty much from work at my daytime job till waaayyyy after dark, so the cows and horses and tack and such are safe and sucure. :) Good trade for them and me. :)

02-14-2007, 12:16
I must say that I am kinda sad about how things are in my Stake. I am part of the Ann Arbor, Michigan Stake. Ann Arbor is a rather liberal town, where religion in general, especially those Churches that dont espouse gay marriage and other ultra-liberal concepts are not popular.
So, we had only 2 adults baptised in our Ward in 2006 - so I am a bit sad. I wish we saw growth like in Philadelphia.