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02-15-2007, 01:10
does anyone know haw to remove sights out of an xd ? i tried two different gun shops in the area and they couldnt get them out

02-15-2007, 16:23
There not easy to remove. I had a gunsmith tap them out, a sight pusher would not work.

02-15-2007, 18:49
XD sights are very tough to remove without scratching the slide. My dealer (and I heard about others) put the slides in the freezer for a couple of hours first & it helps in removing the sights. I'm sure if you check around your area you can find a competent shop to replace yours without damage to your slide. My dealer (GUN WORLD INC) in Metamora (20 mi north of the Palace), has gotten very good on XD sights but is probably too far for you to drive. If you get desperate, you could give him a call..........

02-15-2007, 22:11
are trying to change them yourself? XD sights are pressed on so they are a bit of a headache. Lube it up with some Kroil(spelling?) and let it sit for alittle bit. then put in a vice with an old belt between the slide and vice and use a brass hammer and a brass tap it will come loose,but you will have to put some power into it :supergrin:

02-15-2007, 22:25
thanks to all