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02-16-2007, 07:40
I'm collecting the MOs of different violent crimes. Maybe you guys can share the ones you know.

Personally, the one that comes to mind is where the mugger pretends to be the husband or boyfriend of the female victim. The bystanders hesitate to get involved and the mugging goes on as planned.

02-16-2007, 07:46
Or a parent. Kawawa naman ang bata.

02-16-2007, 18:50
i suppose there are more elaborate methods being used but my nieces were recently just victims of some bad guys that did a simple hot breaking and entering of their dorm room in a building near UST.

one of my nieces was inside and was hit in the head. we have no appraisal of the value of things taken, not much valuables in a dorm, i speculate that the intrusion could have become a rape kasi mukhang binantayan muna na umalis yung isa bago pinasok. ang to think dorm ito, mga boyfriend nga nila di makapasok, well supposedly, tapos etong mokong naka break and enter.

their folks immediately pulled them out of the dorm and brought them back home and filed a complaint against the dorm operators. so sa mga people with kids who stay in dorms, i know that the greatest fears are usually them doing hanky panky stuff and not studying but there is also a real threat from perps who want to break in and hurt and steal and things too bad to say. if it is legal, and they are mature enough, issuehan na nang 38 man lang.

02-16-2007, 18:56
ang pinakauso sa area namin (vito cruz) is two guys on a motorcycle, yung isa driver lang the other one ang snatcher and shooter kung pumalag ang biktima. ginagawa' nang pulis eh LAHAT nang naka motorcycle kapkap saka hinahanapan nang rehistro at lisensya. i feel divided on this approach, on one hand they are showing they want to catch the robbers, on the other hand many innocent motorcyclists are hassled by this, and their approach can be bastos. once i saw this gusgusin na guy flagged down, possible he was a mechanic or somebody who worked with greasy machines, and they just closed in grabbed his shirt and pulled it up to look at his waistband, seeing nothing they let him go. of course the same would not be done to a well dressed person in a harley plying the same route.

isa pa na nahuli sa same area: a well dressed guy pretends to be undercover cop investigating a crime. targets a student and asks him or her questions, pag medyo nailayo na niya sa crowd, kukunin ang valuables. eto nahuli nang mga pulis.

02-16-2007, 20:09
This one happened along V. Luna to a close friend of mine from my former office. She was in her late 40s when this incident occurred, of light build and about 5'2" in height.

She was walking along the road when some guys in a car reached out and tried to snatch her shoulder bag.

Unfortunately, her arm got entangled with the strap of the bag as the guys in the car tried to speed off. This caused her to be dragged several meters along the street as she tried desperately to free herself from the bag strap. She had to be hospitalized and undergo several operations because of fractures and injuries she sustained in this robbery attempt.

Kung malaman ko lang kung sino may kagagawan nun, hindi lang sa kalsada ang gagawin kong pagkaladkad sa kanila :burn:

02-16-2007, 20:17
This other one was related to me by another friend just recently. She was in her late 30s at this time. Light build and 4'11" in height. I am including physical descriptions in these incidents as it may help in giving juramentado a more complete picture of how these BGs assess and select their targets.

Taft Avenue, in front of PGH. She was crossing Taft when she got stuck in the center island because the traffic lights changed quickly. She felt someone snatch the necklace she was wearing. When she spun around, this teenager had a balisong drawn and was threatening her not to shout or else she'd be in trouble.

Reflexively, she thrust he tip of her umbrella at the guy, which caused him to get off-balanced. Probably realizing that my friend wasn't going to be an easy victim, the robber fled from the scene with just the necklace.

OT: My friend is now asking if I know of any good realistic self-defense-based aikido schools in the Ermita/Taft area. I'd appreciate it if you guys could PM me some recommendations if you know of any.

02-16-2007, 20:34
This last incident happened to my sister 11 years ago. She was in her late 30s at that time. She worked at a bank and usually came home late. We lived in the same compound in the Kamuning area, and we both have keys to the front gate so that no one has to stay up and open the gate for us if we come home late.

She had just parked her car, a lightly tinted Civic hatchback, and was about to get out to open the gate, when she noticed another car parked behind her whose male occupants (2 of them) were quickly alighting. When she noticed that they seemed to be headed for her car, she locked the door and assessed the situation first. When they got to her car, they tried to forcibly open the doors, one guy on either side.

At this point, my sister decided to start the car and speed off while honking her horn loudly. In her haste to flee, she bumped into one of those big cylindrical trash cans on the street, but she managed to make good her escape. Apparently, the BGs didn't attempt to follow her.

During this time, I was sound asleep in our room overlooking the street, and was only roused from sleep at the sound of the commotion below.

It was also this incident that caused me to buy my first real gun, a 9mm Bernardelli, from PB Dionisio. Prior to this, I already loved shooting even in high school, but all I had then was a single-shot .177 air pistol, which I quickly realized wouldn't have been any help in that situation.

11 years later, I now have a small arsenal and am continuously training in both shooting and martial arts, and I pity the fool that tries to employ violent means to seize anything from me or my loved ones :50cal:

02-17-2007, 02:01
Nice one mikey, almost the same reasons for me why I'm building my gun inventory.

02-17-2007, 23:04
this happened a few days ago to the mom of my friend. his mom and an 82 year old, foreigner priest were walking along harrison at 630 pm (after coming from a publishing house) when two males tried to grab the shoulder bag of the priest. naturally, the priest resisted. one of the men whacked the priest on the face with a wooden 2x2 breaking the jaw of the priest in the process and ran off with the bag. bystanders, who were mostly bargirls who saw the foreigner priest on the ground bleeding profusely, couldn't help but say, "naku, kawawa naman yung customer mo!" yan ang adding insult to injury.

02-18-2007, 20:31
This one is from the thread Tragic Carjacking Incident ( on

Just wanted to share with you fellow Tsikoteers about this incident I just learned from a good friend. This is so horrible and just wanted everybody to be informed or better yet be warned about this tragic event happened last week.

This friend of mine has an officemate by the name of Mark Salazar who happens to work in one of the offices in Makati. It was on the morning of February 6 (Tue), at about 4am that he went home to San Fernando, Pampanga coming from the office. Upon reaching their gates, he alighted from his vehicle to open it then came a couple of guys turned towards him, shot him dead and runaway with the vehicle, a clear case of carnapping with murder.

By the way, the vehicle is a silver Toyota Fortuner, w/ plate # REN-703. ...

02-18-2007, 20:33
This next one is from the Inquirer story titled Car thieves strike again in QC (

MANILA, Philippines -- Car thieves struck again in Quezon City on Thursday, taking a high-end sports utility vehicle (SUV) at gunpoint from its driver, police said.

A report by the anticar theft unit of the Quezon City police said the victim, Jonas Silva Sr., 48, was driving a 2003 Porsche Cayenne Turbo along Katipunan Avenue late in the evening of Feb. 15.

Around 10:30 p.m., Silva was passing by Katipunan Avenue corner Boni Serrano Street when a black Tamaraw FX cut through his lane and blocked his path, according to the report.

Silva, a car mechanic, was on his way to his shop where the vehicle owned by Rolf Wiltscheck, a German national, was due for a checkup.

Two men, carrying guns of a still undermined type, alighted from the vehicle, approached the side where Silva sat and pointed the guns at him, the report said.

The suspects forced the driver out of the SUV and entered the vehicle. The report added that there were two more suspects inside the Tamaraw FX. After taking over the Porsche, the bandits sped off towards north of Katipunan Avenue.

Silva immediately went to a nearby police precinct at Libis to report the incident.

Authorities then alerted its mobile units on patrol and put up a road block at Blue Ridge A and Castro Street.

Police said the estimated value of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo ranged from P6 to 7 million in the market.

02-18-2007, 20:36

Are you planning to write a book or paper on the subject of violent crimes in the Philippine setting? Kindly share your findings when you have completed your research and compilation.

02-18-2007, 21:49
I'm gathering material for a personal protection seminar for women. My firm does training and seminars on security-related subjects and we feel that women need to know what threats they face.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. :D

By the way, here are some MOs I've gathered:

a new taxi robbery setup - the suspects steal a cab and proceed to drive around areas with lots of call center employees. Victims get in the cab, which later stops and allows the robbers to get in and rob the passenger. Or one of the suspects is in the trunk and is let out by the driver. It's called "ipit" and is effective because the cab is stolen,used and dumped in the same day before the car theft bulletin goes out to police units to keep an eye out for the stolen cab.

Tusok - The mugger comes from behind and pretends to know you, a "friend from way back..". He already drives part of the blade into your rib while having an arm around your neck. That way, you can twist and move away from the blade. Mugger then guides you to a spot where his friends are waiting, acting as lookout. Usually done by groups of 3 or 4.

That carjacking of a Porsche is highly unusual. It's quite rare and very difficult to unload. The usual target of carjackings are late model AUV and SUV which can be chopped up for parts or are numerous enough to register illegally. It sounds like an botched kidnapping attempt or even extortion.

02-18-2007, 23:37
Originally posted by juramentado
I'm gathering material for a personal protection seminar for women. My firm does training and seminars on security-related subjects and we feel that women need to know what threats they face...

Dude, this is my dream business, although now that I've moved to the province where life is relatively more peaceful, there's no demand for it here. Anyway, more power to you :thumbsup:

02-20-2007, 02:31

This incident happened just a few days here in Saudi Arabia, the victims name is Tony Oralde.

Please see attachment:

02-20-2007, 02:31

This incident happened just a few days here in Saudi Arabia, the victims name is Tony Oralde.

Please see attachment:

02-20-2007, 02:32

This incident happened just a few days here in Saudi Arabia, the victims name is Tony Oralde.

Please see attachment:

02-20-2007, 02:33

This incident happened just a few days here in Saudi Arabia, the victims name is Tony Oralde.

Please see attachment:

02-21-2007, 21:02
Originally posted by charlie-xray

This incident happened just a few days here in Saudi Arabia, the victim's name is Tony Oralde...

Man, that sucks :sad:

I hope Oralde's family sees justice meted out to those responsible for the crime.

02-22-2007, 09:33
this happened to me last year, u know the parking boys in some establishments? well this happened to me in guadalupe, near a funeral home, me and my wife was looking for a parking space, 3 male, kala ko mga parking boys were guiding us coz walang ma parking-ngan, they led us dun sa pinaka dulo, i was parked too close to another vehicle so i went out on the passenger side, amputcha, pinalibutan kami ng 6 tambays, asking money, i summoned my superpowers and drew my gun, parang magic, nawala sila....

Evan N. Payawal
02-22-2007, 20:10
Course now, happy na sila coz the COMELEC has disarmed all law abiding citizens outside thier homes...

02-24-2007, 01:35
Oralde died at Riyadh hospital yesterday. Condolences to the family, and kung sa pinas ang justice ay mabagal, dito sa saudi minsan WALA. Hope something happens.

Comatose Victim of Riyadh Gangsters Is Dead
Bien Custodio, Arab News

RIYADH, 24 February 2007 — Antonio Oralde Jr., the Filipino worker who was mauled on the night of Feb. 7 by a suspected gang of youngsters in Riyadh, died early yesterday, the Philippine Embassy said.

Ambassador Antonio P. Villamor and medical staff of the Riyadh Care Hospital (RCH), where the 29-year-old worker was confined, said the victim was pronounced dead by doctors at 12:30 a.m.

Villamor himself relayed the sad news to the family of Oralde in General Mariano Alvarez town of Cavite province, south of Manila.

Oralde was brought by a Red Crescent ambulance team to the RCH before dawn on Feb. 8, a few hours after he went missing while delivering broasted chicken to an unknown group of costumers of Chicken Plus, a fast-food restaurant that employed him.

His co-workers said he left the restaurant in Al-Rayan District on 11 p.m. to deliver the order of the costumers who were at a parking lot nearby. After 20 minutes when he had not returned, they called him but never got an answer. His co-workers found out later that he was at the RCH when a hospital staff answered their call to his cellular phone.

According to the medical report of Dr. Ahmad Gamal Eldin Tammam, the neurosurgeon who attended to the victim, Oralde was comatose and “nearly pulseless” when he was brought to the hospital. He was declared brain dead and placed on a life-support system.

Embassy officials said police handling the case have yet to find any witness who could shed light on the violence against Oralde, known to be the breadwinner for his family.

Police said the lone witness, a Syrian national, saw only a body being dumped from a car on the roadside meters away from Chicken Plus. It turned out to be Oralde’s. Police said that the witness was not able to identify the plate number and the car.

Outpouring of Support

If it were a consolation, the family of Oralde stood to collect insurance for his death since he is an active member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). His employer also promised to give to his family the benefits due him.

In addition, community members have passed the hat around in an outpouring of grief.

The Alpha Phi Omega Riyadh Alumni Association (APORAA) raised more than 5,155 riyals on Thursday night. The collection was originally intended for the plane ticket of Gina, eldest sister of Oralde who signified her intention earlier to come to Riyadh to to attend to her youngest brother.

“Now that Tony is gone, we will remit the collection directly to the bank account of his sister,” said Rodel Yap, the immediate past president of APORAA, who initiated the fund drive. Aside from APORAA, the Computer Society of Filipinos (Comsofil) also collected voluntary contributions from its members and students and said it would send the money directly to the savings account of Gina with Metro Bank: Account No. 3-31343837-7 under the name Gina O. Larin, Metro Bank branch in Carmona, Cavite.

More individuals and groups have actually initiated similar fund drives, Arab News learned, but Yap hoped that they are not just riding on the issue or taking advantage of the situation.

“Let’s be vigilant of groups who are just glorifying themselves through announcement of their intention. I heard of one who has already initiated collecting donations, but they should know what transparency and accountability is all about,” Yap warned.

Gina promised that all donations would be used to fulfil their brother’s dream of making a house for his siblings.