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02-22-2007, 19:08
I want to take my New GLOCK 27 with me so I can see if I can get a set of Mepro night lights installed on it. Trouble is My CCW license (Lifetime) which I sent to State on Nov 21 (3 Months ago) has still not arrived. Would like to know will I have any problems crossing the border into Kentucky with my 27 and how and where should I carry it in my pickup truck. Should I just leave all magazines at home and carry it in the original GLOCK box with the slide open. Should I put it behind the seat or keep the box in clear view. Will I have any trouble entering the Louisville show with this gun. Sorry some of this may sound stupid but I havn't owned a pistol in over 30 years and want to do this legaly and safely. I live 45 miles South of Indy and am interested in taking some Handgun safety classes and maybe some type of CCW classes if any are available in this area or in the Indy area let me know.

THANKS ebco48

02-22-2007, 19:24
ebco, so, you have no license, right?

Take a look at Indiana Code 35-47-2-2(11) (Excepted persons). You are O.K. under Indiana law if you have it unloaded (empty mags) in a "secure wrapper" to the place of repair. Under Kentucky law, IIRC, you can carry it openly. I'd look over KY law just to be certain.

Yes, there are many training opportunities in Indiana. You may want to check out the Boone County Sheriff's Department classes. I believe there is a basic handgun class (open to the public) in May. I believe the cost is $150 for 2 days. I have taken it and it is a wonderful bargain. The Sheriff, Ken Campbell, is an adjunct Gunsite instructor.

Here's an article about the class which features my insightful quotation--:animlol: :supergrin:


02-22-2007, 20:06
correct I currently don't have a license to carry yet.
I'm like a kid waiting for the x-ray vision glasses you ordered from the back of the comic book for it to get here.
Thanks for the information on the course that is exactly the kind of course I'm interested in.

THANKS A LOT! for repling to my Question.

16 to 22 week wait period for the MILT SPARKS Holster VM-2. X-MAS in July just hurry and wait.

R. Emmelman
02-23-2007, 07:18
Could you not just take the slide?

02-23-2007, 16:06
Thats probably the best idea of all, I shouldn't even have to go through the check in stage at the show since tech I just have a machined part in my coat pocket.. THANKS


3/Mon & 1/Day since applying for IN CCW and waiting.