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02-25-2007, 20:07
I am going to be getting married in a couple months and have considered getting a tungsten ring. Last I heard titanium rings can not be cut durring an emergency, and tungsten is supposed to be harder then titanium. The jeweler and other websites say that the tungsten can be cut.

Do any firefighters/EMTs have any expirence cutting tungsten or heard anything about cutting them?

02-26-2007, 10:29
So I did some research and I thought this info might be helpful in case any of you come across one of these rings. As an EMT I found it good to know.

In an emergency situation where there might be a medical necessity to remove the ring (such as hand or finger injury) It is removed by cracking into pieces with standard vice grip locking pliers. The same technique is used for removing ceramic and natural stone bands like onyx or jade.

Place vice grip locking pliers over the band and adjust the jaws to clamp lightly. Release and adjust tightener one-third turn and then clamp again. Repeat until a crack is heard, and then continue clamping in different positions until the hard material breaks away. Take care not to slide or rotate the cracked band on the finger.

I found this at http://titaniumstyle.com/tungsten-rings.htm


02-26-2007, 14:03
Well, that's interesting. I just showed this thead to my wife, an emergency RN. She has run into having to cut rings off people, but hadn't run into titanium. She told me that is great, if her department had Vise grips. I of course mentioned the maintenance guy, who, if you know emergency departments, gets called on to help out with the oddest things. She said that's great, but no maintenance guy on for night shift!

I wonder how much paperwork will be required for her to have the ED purchase Vise grips.