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02-25-2007, 20:47
I may be moving to CO in the next few months depending a transfer for work.

I currently live in rural Maine and want to continue raising my 2 young boys in a safe, rural, country setting. I'll need access to Denver as work will be clustered around the city hoever I'm not afraid to commute to stay rural.

I'm looking in the foothills to the southwest of the Denver. Pine, Bailey, Conifer, Pine Grove, Buffalo creek, Foxton are a few of the areas we've searched. If anyone has experience with this area please offer opinions and ideas. I'm trying to sponge up as much info as possible. Also I have a few specific questions I'm hoping someone can answer.

I know I'm asking a lot of questions but any help is appreciated immensly.
1) How is hunting access if you don't own land?
2) What types of hunting are available in the area I described above?
3) How far from this area will I have to travel to hunt the following: Prarie dogs, coyotes, elk, Mule deer, waterfoul, upland birds?
4) How is the fishing in that area?

03-02-2007, 22:16
Don't hunt yet, so I can't say much about that, but there are millions of acres of public land, so I feel safe to say you'd be fine hunting. The fishing in the areas you've noted is outstanding. I love the Buffalo Creek area. Not much there for homes, but Bailey and Conifer are fine. Figure an hour to Denver.

03-22-2007, 13:53
Hey Chris,
Here's an opinion of a fellow Mainer. First and foremost, DON"T MOVE BACK HERE. Ok, I moved from Maine to Denver and back again. I loved it out there as there's so much attraction. I could go on and on, but you'll see.

As far as shooting. Instead of my rewriting, please go to one of my post under "tactics and training" "bangor Me area shooting". I posted information on shooting for another guy living in the Denver area.

The fishing is some of the best for trout. I started on the S. Platte River. Don't go getting excited thinking that they have rivers out there like here. They're like streams to you and I. But, they have great rainbows in them. I spin cast but, either spin or fly, you'll do well. The lakes have bigger and better in them, but I like the "rivers". Again don't getting excited about the word "lake". You'll see what i mean. Surfice to say, the fishing is some of the best. The S. Platte is very close to get to from the Pine area.

The areas that you mentioned is good to live in. Safe and quiet as rural places around here. I worked in Connifer for a few days and enjoyed the little town. I worked as an armed security officer for a grocery store called King Soopers. I know it seemed odd to me to have to have an armed officer in a store. That isn't normal for up there and it was only due to a grand opening. It is normal in Denver and Denver metro. I could tell many stories about that. Although the camera domes that you see in those stores are real and they are manned. Not to emply anything, but a good camera system can help someone as well as catch thieves. Kings is very proactive to crime in their stores. We've caught many purse thieves and potential assaults on them. That was in Denver, but you never know.

Hunting, don't know much about it there other than there's plenty of game there to hunt. I knew a lot that did and they did well. Sports stires are awsome there. All the big name. You'll be doing me a great big huge favor by going to the Sportsman Warehouse and begging them to build a store in Maine. They put LL Bean to shame to say the least.

Denver has a lot to offer for adults as well as kids. Ask around work and they should be able to direct you to anything that you want to do and places to stay out of. When I say places to stay out of it isn't as bed as Boston and New York places to stay out of, but there area places that will up your chances of finding trouble when you don't want it.

I don't mean to sound negative at all about that area. Just want you to know that the bad is there, but the good is overwelming and out weighs the bad. It's a city, you'll always have it. Denver is a blast and I miss it very much. Don't ask why i came back, I just did and miss it there. The weather is awsome, but the foothills is a little harsher than in Denver. Kind of like a bad winter in Maine. Get a 4wd and you'll be fine with a level thought process.

Oh, if you like a little gambling, you'll find Blackhawk and Central City fun as well. Like I said, a lot to do. There a small gun shop around connifer. All the locals can direct you there. If you need a gunsmith, they got a great one. He did a trigger job on my Browning Hi Power and I love it. A little on the high side, but worth it.

If I can be of any more assistance, please give me a yell. I know what things are like here and what things are like there. I know of some fun spots as well. So, let me know if I can help further.

Good luck and be safe,

03-23-2007, 23:39
Well all thats left is to have the movers show and go!

Thanks for all the info! I start work out there 5/11 and can't wait.

Thanks again,