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02-27-2007, 07:55
For those who weren't able to make it to the Manassas City Council meeting, it was amazing. TONS of people there, and it was obvious that the Council wasn't expecting the outcry over this incident.

Below is the email Philip VanCleave sent out last night. Before I paste it, I have to thank Phil for representing Virginia gun owners so well. This was the first time I had been to such a thing, and frankly you couldn't ask for a better spokesman than Phil. Plus all the everyday joes who got up to speak (and took an hour and a half to do so) forever destroyed the perception of the average gunowner as an ignorant redneck. Great job!

It's 3:45 AM, I'm still wired, there could be 'type-os' in this
(sorry). I simply don't know what better sums it up than "!!WOW!!"
There were way over 100 VCDL members and supporters at the Manassas
City Council meeting tonight.

The Manassas City Council members were clearly shocked by the numbers.

The Mayor led off by saying that he could not remember ever seeing
such a large crowd for **anything** they had done before!

I brought 40 'Guns Save Lives' badges that were distributed in
minutes, leaving over half of the people without a badge. :-(

We not only filled up all the seating (100 seats - about 95% of them
VCDL members), we lined BOTH walls and ran out into the hall!

A good portion of the members were open carrying during the meeting.
No uniformed officers in sight (but there were some plain clothes
officers in the audience).

I led off, taking 10 minutes to describe the situation, describing
the problem with officers who would abuse their power to coerce the
restaurant owner to kick the 7 innocent gun owners out, and calling
for the SEVERE reprimand or FIRING of Officers Chad Hyland, Rickey
Clodfelter, and Tina Pannell. Hyland and Clodfelter for their total
disdain for law-abiding gun owners and coercing the restaurant owner
into kicking out the gun owners, and Pannell because as a SUPERVISOR
she should have known better and put a stop to the 'kicking out the
good guys' situation. I did say that a demotion would be acceptable
for her, but that she clearly was not an acceptable supervisor.

When I was finished, the Mayor read a letter from Chief Skinner,
saying, fairly enough, that he couldn't comment as there was an
active investigation into the matter.

I was followed one speaker after the other for over 1.5 hours - each
person getting three minutes!

The speakers were all superb, showing City Council, in no uncertain
terms, that none of us are 'assclowns.'

Also THREE of the 7 gun owners at Tony's that fateful night spoke.

The Mayor was very congenial and several speakers made a point of
thanking City Council for making the audience feel 'at home' (but
still asking Council to fix the problem at hand). We had speakers
come from over 200 miles away and a good share were Manassas
residents, too!

After the meeting, 30 of us headed over to a local IHOP for a meal.

Everyone was jubilant - as we all had felt the power and comradery in
the City Council Room that night. For many this was their first
experience going from a gun-rights supporter to a gun-rights
activist. Caution! I don't think there is anyway to go back,
either. ;-)

Member Matt Gottshalk was there making a professional quality video
which will be online in a day or two for those of you who would like
to see and hear key parts of the meeting. He will cut it down to 6
speakers - myself, Jim Snyder, Dennis O'Connor, and three of the
seven people at Tony's Pizza that fateful night in January. I will
send an alert when the video is ready to view.

Channel 4 (NBC) in NoVA already ran a story on the meeting at 11 PM.

The Potomac News story covering the meeting is below. It is very
well done and includes a picture to put things in perspective.
Reporter Elisa Glushefski explains the Virginia open carry laws in
the article, too - an additional bonus!

In case you are wondering about my elaborate hand gesture - I was
turning to ask all gun owners who were in support of VCDL's position
to raise their hand.

They did and, boy, was that a lot of hands in the air!

BTW, this was the single biggest turnout for a VCDL action at any
city, town, or county government meeting ever! We can turn out 60
members under good conditions, but over 100 is way beyond the norm!
Tidewater held the record when we attended a Norfolk City Council
meeting some years ago, but Northern Virginia has just thrown down
the gauntlet big time! ;-)

As long as we can turn out lots of gun owners for things such as this
and, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, do what we did so very well
tonight, we will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in



02-27-2007, 19:56
I listened to the MP3 of the 911 call. The 911 operator was AWESOME! She totally tried to get the complainer to realize that this was not illegal behavior and that his wild assumptions were just that.

I can't believe the caller. A retired marine who is wetting himself over a bunch of guys, calmly eating pizza? He even says during the call that "they aren't doing anything wrong."


02-28-2007, 09:41
I too was amazed by the turn out. This was the first VCDL outting for my wife and i both. We were in awe of the turnout. Hopefully this will continue to be the norm for these hearings. Virginia will start to realize that we take care of our own and won't stand for injustice being brought upon decent folk.

My wife and I both made the leap that Mr. Van Cleave mentioned in the update from Gun Enthusiast to Gun Rights activist. That turnout sealed the deal.