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02-28-2007, 07:47
I need everybody's help today. I've never asked for a favor from any GTer in my life, but this is important. Call up your state representative and ask him or her to vote against SB 251. This is a bill to restrict concealed carry at universities. I don't think I need to explain my opposition to this infringement to any here.

GOUtah! Alert #270 – 27 February 2007

Today’s Maxim of Liberty:

“A victim who fights back makes [violent crime] impractical.”

-- Jeff Cooper


SB 251, the U of U gun ban bill, keeps making progress. It has now
been assigned to the floor of the House of Representatives for debate
and a vote. There are 25 other bills in front of it at the moment,
so it has a chance of being voted on tomorrow (Wednesday) before the
Legislature adjourns at midnight.

The good news is that this bill did not pass by a wide margin in the
Senate, and support for it in the House appears to be far from
unanimous. However, it may be close and could go either way. The
Utah Shooting Sports Council has published a list of representatives
whom they believe to be fence-sitters on this bill. If your own
representative is on this list, we encourage you to contact him about
HB 251 if you haven’t already and ask him to vote against this bill,
regardless of how it gets amended. This bill must simply be
defeated. Period. Representatives need to know that we will be
watching them very carefully on this bill and that we will remember
how they vote on it and we will hold them accountable during the 2008
elections if they vote for this bill.

We list each representative’s party affiliation in the event that you
are an officer (precinct chairman, county delegate, etc.) in the
political party to which your representative belongs. If so, you
should mention this when you communicate with him, as this will
likely cause him to give additional weight to your views.

If you read this alert Tuesday evening and your representative is on
this list, you may call him at home at a reasonable hour (say, before
9:30 p.m.). Otherwise, you can e-mail him or send a fax to the House
of Representatives with his name at the top of the page, or you can
leave a voice message at the House switchboard on Wednesday.

Ben Ferry (R-2) Home: 435-744-2997
Jack Draxler (R-3) Home: 435-752-2668
Neil Hansen (D-9) Cell: 801-564-0862
Brad Dee (R-11) Home: 801-479-5495
Gregg Buxton (R-12) Cell: 801-690-1220
Douglas Aagard (R-15) 801-546-3935
Paul Neusenschwander (R-20) Cell: 801-755-3971
James Gowans (D-21) Home: 435-882-2120
Carl Duckworth (D-22) Home: 801-250-0728
Jennifer Seelig (D-23) Home: 801-519-2544
John Dougall (R-27) Home: 801-492-1365
Larry Wiley (D-31) Home: 801-487-8095
Ron Bigelow (R-32) Home: 801-968-4188
Kory Holdaway (R-34) Home: 801-964-6360
Jim Bird (R-42) Home: 801-280-9056
Wayne Harper (R-43) Home: 801-566-5466
Gordon Snow (R-54) Home: 435-722-4162
Lorie Fowlke (R-59) Home: 801-225-0721
Stephen Clark (R-63) Home: 801-374-6927
Richard Wheeler (R-68) 435-283-4133
Brad Last (R-71) Home: 435-635-7334

Utah State House of Representatives
Phone: (801)538-1029
Toll-free Phone: (800)908-4261
Fax for Republican representatives: (801)326-1544
Fax for Democratic representatives: (801)326-1539

Voice message for representatives: I live in your district. I
encourage you to vote against SB 251, the U of U gun ban. This bad
bill needs to be completely defeated. Thanks for your time.

Read more about the bill here:

Find your representative here:

We can kill this bill, but it will take all of us.

02-28-2007, 10:36
I think the latest news has been that the bill was gutted.

The only part that remains involves the dorm issue and residents having the ability to not be roomed with CCW holder if they choose not to.

02-28-2007, 12:16
Is there a way to view the current wording
that the House would be voting on?

As long as it doesn't pass before midnight tonight,
we're in the clear, right?

02-28-2007, 13:12
Here is the new last ditch effort. It has been reduced to just the dorm part.

02-28-2007, 16:32
It's still an infringement; and I am still against it.

Is there a way to see the bill's scheduled vote online?

02-28-2007, 16:36
If it passes the house, it still has to go to conference committee. If it dies on the floor, we're rid of it for almost a year.

03-01-2007, 09:08
So it's now thursday.
Legislature is closed.

Did it pass?

03-01-2007, 09:21
Originally posted by Sambolijah
So it's now thursday.
Legislature is closed.

Did it pass?

Yes it passed. They have no way of enforcing it though since the CCW list is closed.

From what I heard the bill also allows a student to mark their room a "no gun zone" and enforce it as long as they provide their own metal detectors and security.:rofl:

03-01-2007, 09:22
No kidding?

Good luck then. Sounds like it's become more of a feel-good measure than anything that will really hamper CCWers.

03-01-2007, 09:24
Still, it's another paper cut, another law on the books to slowly bleed liberty dry.

Thanks to all that actively engaged themselses this legislative session. Imagine how bad it could have been.

03-03-2007, 14:17
Sounds like a joke, still I wish they had just fought them for a no change. But I guess it came down to just getting them to shut up and go away and stop wasting state money on this nonsense.

For some reason I can picture some girly guy wearing girl clothes and a belly shirt holding a metal detector scanning everyone and a No Gun sign on his door, he can probably use it as an excuse to feel guys up :upeyes: Heck one could “borrow” his sign and his wand and use it on girls! (Kidding mostly ;) )
I wonder if one could ask for a non liberal roommate.

I think someone might need to abuse this nonsense. :thumbsup:

03-03-2007, 14:27
I'd bet everything from a damned-if-I-know to a diddle-eyed Joe that this isn't the end, but that they'll reintroduce the original bill next session. Instead of putting this thing down, our congresscrtters have already shown their desire to "compromise" with the socialists.

03-03-2007, 14:42
Hell if you can ask for a non gun packing roommate why can't you ask for a packing one? It might be nice having a roommate that you have something to talk about. Liberals could see this as their idea backfiring; “Oh noes, they are teaming up! Hurry get back in the liberal mobile (VW of some sort, probably a Jetta or bus painted up with perdy flowers and rainbows) and head back to frisko!”