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02-28-2007, 17:29
Hello fellow Ohio GT'ers. I have a question.

We all in Ohio with a CCL know that when we register our license plates for our vehicles, they are 'tagged' with the fact the owner is a CCL holder. This information comes up if an LEO runs our plate; such as during a traffic stop. Either way, we are bound by law, as we all know that we must immediately inform any LEO of being a CCL if and when we make contact with them.

The question is this (since I am re-newing my boat registration currently). Does the Ohio Division of Watercraft also get notified of us being CCL? And if so, does that information come up when a DNR officer checks our boat registration? I suppose this actually leads to an additional and second question. Even if no information is 'tagged' to a boat registration; DNR officers are LEO's so anybody ever had contact with one where they remembered (or not) to notify them of being a CCL?

I know I could likely get this information from the ODW or the Attorney General's office but, I never heard it mentioned about boats and thought I'd ask here first. I will undoubtedly check myself later but, wanted to see what you GT'ers had to say about it. I've also found the AG's office to be slow in responding to posed questions concerning CCL.

02-28-2007, 19:18
If I make the member meeting at Troy Fish & Game tomorrow night (March 1), I can ask Jayson, the DNR officer that comes and speaks.

I need to re-new the Yamaha PWC next month.

02-28-2007, 19:36
Thank you CaptT,

I hope you make the meeting and let us know what he says.

03-01-2007, 20:11
Just got home a little bit ago, had to pass out the pieces of cake I grabbed from the food line after the meeting.

I asked the DNR fella, and he said that they use the same system as OSP, so anything registered to you (and being a CCW holder) will show that you are a CCW holder, so get pulled over on the water in a boat/PWC that is registered to you, it will show that you are a CCW holder.

Run your driver license as pedestrian, you'll come back as CCW.... happened to me already --> Fella hit deer out front of my employer, I got the deer, OSP came out give me a tag. I had to chase OSP across street, on foot, to catch him (dispatcher did not inform him to find me on my employer lot)... when he was checking my ID and verify my info to fill out the deer tag, it came back on radio I was a CCW.. he asked, I told him no, I was at work currently.