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03-04-2007, 09:50
The hotdog thread reminded me of this. I know we have some diabetics here so you might want to try it, if you like honey mustard.

Equal amounts:
A packet of Splenda

I use olive oil, Walmart's Grey Poupon, sometimes apple cider vinegar, sometimes balsamic, and Splenda depending on the kind of vinegar. I also add garlic, salt and pepper. A pinch of brown sugar was good in it once.

She says it is good as a marinade on chicken or fish before grilling but I have never tried it (nobody here likes marinades).

You can play around with it all you want. Sometimes I use less vinegar and more mustard. Other times I use more vinegar and a little mustard. Some times more oil. I got the recipe from a friend and hers tastes nothing like mine. :)