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03-05-2007, 12:31
Hello everyone,
this place is dead......

anyway, did anyone see the Discovery channel program on Secrets of the Masons last month?

B. Somm
03-05-2007, 16:39
I caught it last night. Do you FM's think it was a fairly accurate representation?

The ceremoney at the end just seemed like something that was put on for the media. I was hoping for a discussion about the "East, West, South & North" thing, as a couple of you have commented that you "didn't want to stand in the East...again"!

I also noticed that women are now allowed, or is that just under special circumstances?

B. :headscratch:

03-05-2007, 18:56
I did not see the special since I was at work.

I really dont think that the stations in the lodge are to be considered part of the secrets of freemasonry.

The stations and places in the lodge are for the officers, both elected and appointed.

Starting from the bottom...
(Appointed Officers)
Junior Master of Ceremonies
Senior Master of Ceremonies
Junior Deacon
Senior Deacon

(Elected Officers)
Junior Warden (in the South)
Senior Warden (in the West)
Warshipful Master (in the East)

There is no North.

And "no" women are not allowed in the lodge.
They have their own "Masonic" organizations to join. Order of the Eastern Star and the Oder of Amaranth.

Any questions, dont be affraid to ask a mason. We are always willing to shed some light if we can.

There are however certain things that cannot be discussed except with other masons.

03-06-2007, 09:05
The show is about 98% bunk :) It says so at the end.

I also like how all the "Experts" state before they are interviewed that "I am not a Freemason".

Believe me, they can't be both an "Expert" and "Not a Freemason" ;)

But much like Sunday's farce, it is entertaining to the unknowledgeable and gets ratings.

ny rifleman
03-20-2007, 19:11
What would be sunday's farce be? I really hope it's not what I think.

ny rifleman
03-20-2007, 19:14
You meant the show was on sunday right.

03-20-2007, 19:16
Originally posted by ny rifleman
You meant the show was on sunday right.

you are correct.

ny rifleman
03-20-2007, 19:38
Thats what I thought. Sorry if I jumped to quick.:)