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03-06-2007, 16:42
Does the law disallow smoking in a car with NO under 12 individual in a car? Even on school grounds? We had a memo stating that it prohibited smoking in a car ON school grounds.

The car is a constitutionally protected area even on school grounds.

Anyone have the law's text?

I can only find this:

is this the complete and current text?


Looks like La. didnt TOTALY throw the constitution out the window...GOnna have to get ahold of the Memo writer...

Slippery slopes ahead...

03-17-2007, 05:43
quit smoking :p

03-17-2007, 18:43
I donít smoke... but thanks :-) I do appreciate my constitutional rights

03-18-2007, 17:05
i think it is two diffrent laws. the law about restuants includes other public places like schools. The law about children under 12 involves your car.
Smoke or dont i dont care but we should not be interfering with constitutionaly protected grounds like cars. Once we open the door on that guns might be next.

Its for the children.