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03-09-2007, 18:08
How is it? small medium large or jumbo?

There is a crown point show this weekend but all the dealers I like are skipping it. Is it worth the drive to check it out (2.5 hours)?

No can't goto indy next weekend either :(

Seven High
03-09-2007, 19:27
The last Ft Wayne gun show that I went to was a waste of time. Not very many dealers. No deals. Valparaiso has a good gun show.

03-09-2007, 20:04
Originally posted by Seven High
Valparaiso has a good gun show.
I was there 2 weekends ago... decent show.

Donno what I'm going to do about the CP show this weekend. I might go on Sunday if the AA report from Saturday is good.

03-09-2007, 21:22
In my humble and useless opinion.....the F.W. show....no, not worth it.

Junk at inflated prices,pay parking in an already paid for parking lot, entrance fee, no deals even less dealers....no thanks, not for me, it's simply a "gun flea market", nothing more.

I will instead spend my money on ammo and my time on range time , I'll have more fun that way.

out-ski ;)

03-09-2007, 22:20
Thanks guys, I might hit the teh CP if I get bored this weekend, but I'm getting show overload anyway, last week was merillville and 2 weeks before valpo... :shocked:

I have no idea why these promoters schdule so close. after CP there isn't another around here for 2 months... simpletons.

Hoosier Glocker
03-10-2007, 01:56
The Fort Wayne show isn't all that great. Sometimes you can find a decent deal, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm going to it tomorrow, but it's a 5 minute drive for me. It's definitely not worth a 2.5 hour drive.

03-10-2007, 09:07
Anyone know offhand when the next one is in Valpo? It's the closest one to me so I like to hit that one when I know one is coming up.

El Toro Loco
03-12-2007, 13:10
Hey All,

$4.00 to park, $6.00 just to get into the FW Gun Show. But I have found that the best deals are found while waiting in line to get into the Show. But once you are in, you really have to hunt for a good deal. Ammo usually good prices. Some of the smaller gun dealers are just plain crazy with there prices. The last time i was there I found a G17 2nd Gen. used with one mag. for $450, needless to say that gun never left the table that weekend I am sure. While the gas prices did go up, I will be going to the Indy Show this weekend to find my deal, G19 or G26, maybe even both if the prices are good.

Just my $.02