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03-10-2007, 21:43
First off I have nothing against the military. I served honorably for 3 years (reserve) and 42 months (active) Been to Iraq twice. I was in the reserve first then I switched over to active duty. (Never used GI Bill while in reserve)

So now that I'm out I figured I will go to college using the GI Bill. Well the VA system sucks, The first letter said I only qualify for 300 a month since I was in the reserve.

So me being patient send them my DD214 and told them that I dropped one of my class so I should get 3/4 training time at the rate of 800 for being active duty.

Now they send me a second letter changing my benefits to 231 a month. In the letter it said they were suppose to attach a VA form 9 if I want to appeal.

This is a totally joke I can't believe this is happening. Anyone else here having problems with the GI Bill.

What should I do? The only evidence I have is my DD214. and yes I did pay the $1200 for the GI Bill.

03-11-2007, 18:11
got any LES's from that year showing the 100/mo deduction? Mypay maybe? How about your initial enlistment contract from MEPS w/ the skinny on the GI Bill and/or Student Loan Repayment... I would say a copy of the contract and a printout of your LES's with the deduction would convince them that you qualify for RA GI bill not Reserve.

I did hear once tho that if you were prior service and re-upped (after a break in service) no additional bennies. Doesn't seem right that the 100/month was deducted for the GI bill in that case.

edit... How about AKO??? Can't you log on there and get a copy of your enlistment paperwork in pdf? All of my records are on microfiche and I used to be able to look up NCOERs and stuff....

03-12-2007, 13:22
Recognizing that they're not all created with equal abilities, savvy, or intellect, this is something your County VSO should help you with. For any VSO worth their salt, this kind of thing is right up their alley.

California? You might start here. (


03-26-2007, 12:48
If you did more than 366 days + on Active Duty as a Reservist, I believe you can participate in the GI Bill 'buy in' program. You give them $1200.00 and then you get the Active Duty GI Bill.

04-05-2007, 15:55
Thanks everyone.

I send them a copy of my GI Bill form that I signed when I switched over to active duty. My time in the reserve didn't add up to 365 days so I was still able to do the active duty GI Bill.

So after two months they finally said that they cancelled my reserve gi bill and gave me the active duty GI Bill.

Honestly there shouldn't be any problems since it should all be in their company system.