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Rollo Tamasey
03-12-2007, 20:58
I have a 2000 Ford Ranger pick up truck and the side view mirrors kind of stink. They do not give a wide view. They are the padel type . I know I could just stick on a little paribolic round miror in the corner of them but I am searching the net for taller replacement mirrors that can adjust beteer. Until I get a Chevy or Dodge trcuk this is what I will do. If I got a Ford pick up again I would get a bigger one.

One thing that chafes me about modern pickups is the sides of the bed are so high it makes it impracticle to load things like tools and lumber over the side. Also on the F-150's and up it seems like the suspension is higher up than the ones in the eightees. For loading over the side this makes it harder if the top of the closed tail gait is as high as near the top of your chest.