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03-13-2007, 12:48
I lively discussion can be found here... (it's amazing what you can find through lexis-Nexis)

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I really liked this bit from Mr. Trejbal...

"(Southwest Virginia is for haters)

“When outsiders look at Southwest Virginia, they see people stuck in the past, resistant to change and new ideas, and willing to overlook racism and discrimination to promote an exclusionary, right-wing agenda.

They see Confederate flags, gun racks, Civil War monuments and Christian conservatives. Heck, the local National Public Radio station even airs a Civil War story every week.

In their eyes, we might as well adopt a special motto for the region: ‘Southwest Virginia is for haters.’”

New River Valley Current, VA
Christian Trejbal can be reached at: _christia-@roanoke.com_