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03-13-2007, 13:32
I am sure that the old Carolina Glockers list is not being maintained anymore or am I mistaken? If I am please tell me who is giving out numbers :)

If it isn't being maintained anymore is anyone willing to start up a new one with me?? We got to get all the Charlotte and surrounding people hooked up!!

Get at me!!

03-13-2007, 16:37
PM TimP.

03-13-2007, 19:00
I have pm'd and got no response. This was a while ago.

03-13-2007, 20:38
If one of you wants to handle it, start a new thread, as there is no way you could edit the original thread each time new numbers are assigned, make sure I don't miss the thread and I will sticky it.

One suggestion: make sure you have two copies of the list: one in the thread and save one on your hard drive as Eric has been known to ACCIDENTALLY delete part of a list before :rofl:

03-13-2007, 21:15
I will start a new thread and thanks for the advice. I have a ton of hard drives so I wont loose the list :)

03-13-2007, 22:38
It's stickied :)

03-14-2007, 05:36
You rock!! :thumbsup: