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03-15-2007, 16:51
There has been interest and questions on this sub-forum about Center Street Brass. I tried once earlier, couldn't tell which door to go in, and left in discouragement. Sambolqwerty graciously (and patiently) posted a map of where on the building the door was.

Well, I had a meeting at Novell yesterday, and since it was so close, I figggured I better try it again, out of the sheer financial angle of it.

I took this pic to show you what a shrink wrap tray of 50 looks like. the .40s and the 9mms were $7.50 each, the .38s were $8.00.

This one is to show the different kinds of brass in the tray:

They're definitely not a retail outfit, but they weren't rude to me, and didn't discourage me from coming again either. Don't know if I'd use these for bet-my-life-on-it-self-defense, but I don't think I have any problem using them for range work. YMMV


Steve Koski
04-17-2007, 13:25
Remind me the guy's name and phone number...


04-17-2007, 17:46
I believe his name is Paul,

Steve Koski
04-19-2007, 08:58
Center Street Brass
1262 South Industrial Parkway
Provo 84606

Steve Koski
04-19-2007, 22:04
Originally posted by Sambolijah
It's in the East Bay area, east of the shopping centers.

At the 900 South stoplight (Taco Bell NW corner), go east.
Take the 2nd right. (S)
Take the first left. (E)

It'll be a couple blocks down on your right side, behind a fence.

Steve Koski
04-19-2007, 22:06
Sambo's other picture...