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03-20-2007, 11:26
I hope this isn't a redundant question-
could anybody inform me as to whats available in the area?
Thanks much.

03-20-2007, 12:06
I've been talking with pesticidal about this quite a bit. Theres the moorhead rod and gun club and I think one south of fargo. I guess he and some others(?) are working on getting the funding for building an indoor range.

I'm right now going to school at ndsu and would like to find a place to shoot.

I don't think any ranges are open yet this early in the year but I'm looking forward to seeing some open up soon.


03-20-2007, 16:41
There is an indoor range in Fergus Falls, open in general Mon and Wed evening, and Sat mornings. The shooting distance is fixed at 50 feet, ...no other options; it is dimly lit, but.....it is indoors.

There is a fairly decent outdoor range in Erhard, MN. Usually not many people, if any, are there to bother you etc. It is (being outdoors) weather dependent. The fellow at the Pelican Rapids CENEX station (Lee Brenna) is the guy to see to join the club. In the past they issued a gate key to members, but I am not sure if this year they will issue keys or just leave the gate open.

I am on Pelican Lake...and have a short outdoor range...to about 30 feet...and if home, I am always looking for folks to shoot with. :)

Paul Horvick