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10 Ring Tao
03-21-2007, 14:04
HB 4490, introduced by Representatives Paul Opsommer, Joel Sheltrown, John Stahl, Fred Miller, David Palsrok, Jacob Hoogendyk, Arlan Meekhof, Neal Nitz, Richard LeBlanc, Jeff Mayes, Kim Meltzer. If enacted it would do two important things. First, it would eliminate the "safetly inspection" process, which amounts to little more than registration, from Michigan law.

Second, it would direct the Michigan State Police, and local law enforcement agencies, to destroy all the records that have maintained of pistol inspections up to now.

As drafted, the bill would not eliminate the pistol purchase permitting scheme. A Michigan resident who wants to obtain a pistol would first be required to apply for a purchase permit, or possess a concealed pistol license, as is the law. However once purchased, the pistol would not have
to be submitted for inspection, or otherwise registered. The "green cards" for pistols would no longer be issued.

This bill would not have any effect on the types of firearms allowed or prohibited under Michigan law. Anything that is legal today will still be legal if 4490 is enacted.

Contra-wise, anything illegal today will still be illegal if 4490 is enacted.

This analysis is based on the language of HB 4490 as introduced. If the bill is amended, this analysis may no longer be accurate.

Sounds like a good step in the right direction to me. So, whats the next step? How do we get this thing rolling?

03-22-2007, 08:02
IMHO, the permit to purchase is BS since the gun shop is going to call the FED's for a check before letting you walk out the door with the firearm. I suppose it may just be a way to compromise with the Libs.