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03-22-2007, 17:57
I recently bought a G30 which is the sweetest handling big bore handgun I've ever owned. It is my CCW and I love it. I was going back and forth between the .45 and the 10mm but happily went with the .45 for ease of obtaining ammo among other things. I would, however, love to get a G20, possibly with one of the Lone Wolf 6" barrels and use it for big game hunting in NC next season. Nicer to carry than a rifle (which I don't own) and a lot more sporting I think. Do any of you guys have any experience hunting with one of these pieces?

03-22-2007, 18:13
Not yet, but I'll get back with you after next season. My setup will be exactly the one you have described. I haven't acquired the 6" LW barrel yet but it's on the list of things to get. Right now I'm working up loads using Starline brass, Longshot powder, and Hornady 180 gr XTP's. My first loads using 8.3 grains of powder were chronoed around 1350 fps. Resting and shooting at 25 yds the groups were more the exceptable for hunting at that distance.

Personally, I'm going to get different sights for longer range shooting. Thinking of adjustable fiber optics of some kind. Not that I'm shooting for 100 yard shots, but 50 yard shots are definitely in the plans.

Will be working on this all summer, and will post updates as I go if I find something that works well or otherwise.

03-22-2007, 18:25
Keep us updated. I read about Ted Nugent taking a boar with the 10mm / 6" barrel setup. I'm sure that's what I'm going to go with. I've got a special Suffolk County PD commerotive SS S&W .38 never fired in a presentation case with a matching Buck folding knife boxed similarly. I'm going to see if I can't get rid of them for the G20. Who makes good adjustible sights for the G20?

03-22-2007, 18:55
As far as sights, those are down on my list, but I will be talking to the Guru's at Shooters Supply in Loveland about what they have to offer and reccomend for my desired use.

My list in order!
1.) 500 Starline brass
2.) Lw 6" barrel
3.) 500 Hornady HAP 180 grain bullets for range use and load developement
4.) 300 Hornady 180 gr XTP for hunting, and load developement
5.) ajustable nite/ or fiber optic if neccessary for 50-100 yard accurate shooting.

As you can see there is a few hundred dollars worth of things on my list, and the money tree isn't growing like it used to. Had to sell a firearm to get my G20, and am getting tired of selling to reaquire. It's not to bad seeling one gun to buy another, but I have a hard time selling a gun to buy accessories for a gun, so it will be a little at a time.

John Watson
03-22-2007, 20:51
I finally shot my G21 with the 6" LW barrel installed. I changed out the factory sights and installed a set of ghost ring sights which I was told is easier for older eyes to see, not that that helped much at the range.

My load was the max of 6.5gr of 231 with a 180gr Laser cast bullet. Sorry to say it didn't shoot worth a darn at 25 yards. In fact I didn't get any kind of group at all, although the Lyman book said loads with 231 were their most accurate. I pulled the rest of my loads and reloaded them with the starting load of 5.5gr of 231 with the same bullet to see if I was pushing the lead bullet too fast.

Hope to try these out tomorrow. Trying to stay away from jacked bullets because of cost and having harvested a hog with a hard cast 44 mag loaded to 1000fps and having a complete through and through quartering shot I am impressed with nice entrance and exit wounds.

03-23-2007, 09:10
Thanks for your input guys. Let me know how those new handloads go. Good to hear from someone who used a 10 on a hog too. I shot one once but it deflected off the chain guard and lodged in the back tire. Seriously though, I'm going to itch until I get my G20 now.

03-23-2007, 20:18
Alwayshootin, what is the max load with the longshot on that particular load?

For me I will use a stock out of the box Glock 20. I plan to load using either winchester brass or starline, longshot powder, 180 grain XTP's with CCI primers. I will start in the next couple of months, not going to buy a aftermarket barrel as I will not be shooting lead bullets. For boar hunting if I ever get the chance, I may step up to a 200 grain bullet, like beartooth.

03-24-2007, 04:15
In regards to hottest loads, I haven't got that far yet! I wanted to start at around 8 grains of Longshot and work up to around 9 grains, and see what kind of velocity levels I would achieve. I'm loading my tens on my Lee 4-hole turret and using the Lee Auto-disk powder dispenser, and the first bushing I tried dropped 8.3 grains so I went and loaded 50 rounds to give it a try. Velocities were between 1335-1350 FPS using 180 Gr xtp's. Right now I only have 150 starline, and I am out of xtp's. Will have to order more of both before I can continue working out a load for velocity and accuracy.

As far as getting an aftermarket barrel, I'm not specifically getting one to shoot lead out of but rather abideing Ohio hunting laws. Barrel length has to be a minimum of 5 inches, hence the Lonewolf 6 inch on my wish list. When you start talking 13, 14, hundred fps bullets even hardcast is going to lead most any barrel.

I will say that once I have the LW barrel, I will also be working up a 200 gr LHC load somewhere around 1000-1200 fps if possible. So much to do and so little time, not to mention money, but at least I am getting started, and still have over 8 months to be ready!

03-24-2007, 16:34
Always, How bad did your brass look after firing those loads in a stock chamber? Thanks for the info. Esox357.

03-24-2007, 19:14
Originally posted by Esox357
Always, How bad did your brass look after firing those loads in a stock chamber? Thanks for the info. Esox357.

To date I have owned four different glocks, and the only one that showed bulges in the brass was my first a G23. That particuliar gun showed a bulge on everthing I shot through it. As far as my G20, nothing I've shot has showed any bulge whatsoever! If I could legally hunt with the standard G20 barrel, I would save my 90 bucks on an aftermarket Lonewolf barrel and use it for reloading supplies. I am on my third reloads with the same brass, and with a couple hours of tumbling I can't tell them from new!

04-03-2007, 15:19
I have hunted whitetail with my G20L for the last two (or three, I can't recall exactly) years and here are my impressions.

First of all, PRACTICE IS PARAMOUNT. During preseason, one needs to practice from the field positions that he/she will be shooting from. This is, hands down, the most important thing to remember. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

Second, the choice of ammunition is also important for the ethical hunting with the 10mm. I would suggest something loaded VERY HOT, such as DoubleTap (my first choice), Buffalo Bore, Georgia Arms or Reeds, or a good handload. Keep in mind that if you are trying to decide on one of a few different loads, accuracy should be the deciding factor. I personally use the DT 200gr XTPs but I think a good, fast 200gr (or heavier) flat nose hardcast would be sufficient, too.

Thirdly, when I hunt with a pistol, at least this year, I used a tree stand with a shooting rest. My own personal rule for hunting whitetail is NOT to take a shot at a deer without a solid rest. That means no running shots and no standing, unaimed, unrested shots. Not only will the stand help give you better locations but it will keep you elevated above the scent line of deer giving you a higher success rate. Ground hunting (still hunting) can be really tricky if you have to stalk close to deer since being that close makes it inherently easier for deer to smell you. I'll be purchasing a new "climber" stand before next season to pack on my back for my extended whitetail hunting hikes into the backwoods (armed w/ pistol only). It just makes sense, at least for me.

As for the maximum range that a 10mm will work on deer... I would say that a 10mm w/ a 6" tube and hot loads could take deer at 100 yards with proper placement -- however -- you need to truly understand the difference in shooting 100 yards, breathing normally from a BENCHREST versus being freezing cold in tne field with a less than ideal rest and stance and a non-stationary target while out of breath! They are completely different. I can shoot amazing groups at 50 and even 75 yards with my longslide from the BENCH at a range but wouldnt try those in the field. I would probably try and limit myself to 20-25 yards with a less than ideal rest and MAYBE 50-70 with a PERFECTLY SOLID rest (which is VERY rare in itself). You need to think like a bowhunter. Get close to make your shots effective and ethical. Please.

Also consider that I've reworked my Glock trigger to weigh in at about 2.75-3.0 lbs and extremely smooth. Keep in mind that if you're not concentrating on the KEYS to shooting, the stock Glock trigger will fail you as a hunting piece. My KEYS to shooting are:


Remember: Aim small, hit small.

And there you have it. Now practice up and go get yourself some venison. :supergrin:

This is what I use...

04-03-2007, 20:02

04-04-2007, 00:42
I've taken one deer, one pig and one feral goat with my Glock 10mm loaded with DoubleTap's 180gr XTP's. I also just stuck with the Glock factory barrel. My next prey is going to be a AZ javelina. I can't wait.

I'm 3 for 3...........

04-04-2007, 11:12
Originally posted by 10mmAuto
I've taken one deer, one pig and one feral goat with my Glock 10mm loaded with DoubleTap's 180gr XTP's. I also just stuck with the Glock factory barrel. My next prey is going to be a AZ javelina. I can't wait.

I'm 3 for 3...........

Nice.... Yea, another point I forgot to make. The 10mm doesn't NEED a 6" tube. With the right ammunition, even a Glock 29 barrel will take medium game.

10mmauto- Ranges, situations, animal reactions, ???

04-04-2007, 23:39

Sorry, I should have put my "stats" in with my harvesting story.

The deer: CA mule deer hunt in the Sequioa Nat'l Forest. I was sitting on a rock taking a break from hiking and scouting. I put my rifle down and pulled out the bino's. After glassing for about 15 minutes, I saw some does walking about 30 yards below me from the ridge I was sitting at. I didn't move because one of the does continued to look up and around with her nose in the air and her ears searching like a radar.

About 2 minutes later, a nice 2x2 mulie came up right behind her from some thick brush. I figured I would have moved with less visible motion by grabbing my Glock 10mm from my hip holster, than having to reach over and grab the rifle.

I put the front sight on the buck's left shoulder and pulled the trigger. I actually hit high on the buck buy hitting it right in the spine. It dropped him by cutting his spine in two. He didn't move an inch, he just fell down like the old buffalo films of the cowboy days. When I slid down to him, he was dead. The bullet blew bone fragments into his right lung.

The pig: I was hunting at a ranch in central CA. I found a pig about 10 yards from me running away. It went into some dense brush and I could see him, but it wasn't practical for me to go into the bush with my scoped rifle. I gave the rifle to my friend to hold and I went after the pig. I hit him on the left rib cage at a distance of about 20 yards. The pig fell over and the bullet went completely through the other side, but he was kick'n on the ground. I knew he couldn't get up, but I put him out of his misery. I put another round in his skull from about 8 feet away.

The goat: This was on some private land in Nor Cal. I shot the goat up hill from a distance of about 40 yards. I used a tree to steady my aim. The goat wasn't afraid of me as it was used to the land owner coming and going all the time near and around the goats. It was grazzing on the hillside. The owner of the land where the goats were, told me that I could kill it only if I ate it. I did and it was good.

The 10mm just ripped right through the goat in the heart/lung area. The goat stumbled about 4 feet and fell over. It was a really small goat. It was like fishing in a barrel. There was no sport in that, but I did it only for the meat, not the trophy or anything.

Next will be a Javalina and hopefully a black bear here in CA. I got a nice black bear last year with a winchester .357mag model 94. I'd like to try my stock Glock 20.

04-05-2007, 10:52
Do you use DT or really hot ammo or regular (warm or light stuff)? Also, were those hollowpoint shots or solids?


04-05-2007, 22:27
Those were all DT's 180gr XTP 10mm loads.............All hot, all smooth and all deadly. ;)

I figure that if a bow hunter can get in close, why not a stock 10mm Glock hunter.

Now I'm hooked on stock G20 hunting! Coyote hunting will comence this weekend in my local mountains with my predator calls. Although, it's kinda a waste of money to use a 10mm with DT's vs. coyotes.

I think I'll use the cheap FMJ DT ammo that around $22.00 bucks or so. I'll only need one magazine worth of ammo or so. (if that).

04-05-2007, 22:34