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03-27-2007, 12:48
hey yinzers...

as you prolly know, there will be a special election this year to replace sheriff defazio in allegheny county. in addition, you prolly know that (unfortunately, imho) the democractic primary in allegheny county is basically the general election since republicans rarely get elected for anything around here.

however, there is a democrat candidate for sheriff that is actually pro-gun/pro-carry. he made a post on outlining his views. i have copied and pasted it below.

everyone might want to think about voting for him in the primary on may 15th (if you aren't a registered democrat, maybe think about temporarily changing your registration so you can vote in the primary...i am doing that).

anyway, here is his statement from (i have also pasted a link to the thread below in case you want to see it first hand).

Let me introduce myself, my name is Damon J. Brown and I’m running for Allegheny County Sheriff.

Below are some of my accomplishments:

More than twenty years experience in Law Enforcement in general. While working as a young officer I coordinated the Gang Unit in the City of Pittsburgh where I oversaw all gang involved incidents while creating a Gang Data Base.

Started training in the late ‘80’s as a Firearms Instructor. Deputy Chief of the International Training School in Kosovo which required the managing and overseeing of all activities within the school.

Worked in Iraq as a Trainer and Personal Detail Specialist where I and my team ran convoy’s throughout Iraq encountering stiff resistance from Insurgents and Insurgent sympathizers.

“Basic Lead” in Afghanistan in the capitol of Kabul in which I oversaw all of the local instructors at the academy and all Instructors nation wide who were Instructing entry level Cadets.

Director of Training for Crucible, Afghanistan in which I managed and trained Internationals in weapons, i.e. S.A.W. M-4, Glock, M-16, Shotguns, AK-47 and MP-5 and several other subjects.

Special Projects

• Protected VIP”s, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, Russian and Chinese Dignitaries at "Chautauqua’s” Peace conference and Great Britain’s "Fergie"Ferguson.
• Protected Domestic Entertainers; "Lil" Kim, Onyx, Parliament, Blaque, Coffee Brown, Angela Stone, DeBarge and Earth Wind and Fire
• Close Protection Unit in Kosovo in 2002 protecting many of Kosovo’s Political and Department of Justice Officials.
• Attended and Supervised United Nations SAT trips and performed well in Russia, Senegal, Bulgaria, Nigeria and Cameroon training and testing over 2000 Officers
• Created and Implemented Gang data base in City Of Pittsburgh
• Silver medal in ‘93 World Police Olympics in Calgary for Powerlifting
• Letter of Recognition for training surrounding agencies in Gang Suppression
• While in Afghanistan’s serving the Police Mission I supervised the training of over 5,000 Afghanis in all aspects of Law enforcement
• While in Afghanistan working with Crucible I trained over 600 Internationals both classroom and weapons, mostly security personnel.
• supervised and trained local Iraqi’s in PSD under the supervision of the Department of Defense
• Instructor General Subjects, Firearms Instructor / Range master
• James Slusser Firearms Award while in the Police Academy (best shooter)

Along with what you see above, I’m a gun owner and a collector of guns and have been shooting firearms since the age of 10. I must say that I think that we should preserve the right of gun owners and collectors. It is our constitutional right and we should strongly oppose anyone who thinks any different.

It is my opinion that the Sheriff’s office should be an advocate in preserving everyone’s right to own and collect guns, not hindering the rights.

I am open to ideas in how to improve the facilitation of firearms licenses and permits. I think that we deserve to be treated with respect and kindness when coming into or contacting the Sheriff’s office for these licenses or permits, not to be treated as it’s a favor to us as again it is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO OWN!

I’m a man of my own conviction and I owe no government official anything. Believe me, I am an advocate of doing the right thing!

I welcome any comments or advise that could help the Sheriff’s office and gun owners in general, I would love to hear from all of you.

Remember this, we are the law abiding citizens who exercise the right to own or sell guns, the bad guy will always have guns as they acquire them by any means they can, except the legal way!

Thanks so much for reading my comments.

Damon J. Brown, Candidate for Allegheny County Sheriff (primary may15, 2007)

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