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04-01-2007, 19:34
Ok, I was lazy this weekend, no shooting for me. But, since next weekend is our first outdoor IDPA match of the season in the morning, and our last indoor IDPA of the season in the evening (yes, a lot of us diehards do both), I have a feeling this will be the last weekend I get the chance to say I didn't do any shooting.

So, did anyone else shoot anything? Or did anyone fondle any new guns, or go to any guns shows?

Cannibal Roses
04-01-2007, 19:50
Went to the range but there was a long, long wait. Bummer. The range I go to is still down several lanes because they are doing some reinforcing. My impatient husband bribed me to leave with the promise of a nice dinner out.

I'll definitely be going to shoot right after work tomorrow.
I'm going through dt's.

Lynn D
04-01-2007, 21:40
Went to gun show yesterday (after working night shift). Men need to learn how to shop at gun shows. You go and get what you want....don't clog the aisles, move aside when someone wants to pass. Ugh!

Nah. Wasn't too bad. It's just that most of the booths are long guns, and I'm looking for pistols, but I still gotta work through the crowd. Found a magazine, but nothing else.

Then went out to dinner with some range friends who were taking a class (I've already taken). Then got home to find an invite to assistant teach a range certification, but couldn't because I was visiting family today!

So, no real shooting, but lots of shooting related stuff, no?

04-01-2007, 22:26
Went by the range yesterday afternoon and put about 100 rnds through my G30. They were packed so didn't get to shoot that long. The guy next to me was spraying (9 mil) shots all over his B27 target and asked me to shoot his gun - said he thought something was wrong with it. But I didn't think so - I had about a 3" group. I told him to fire my 30 and he shot 1 in the bull, 1 way low/left, 1 in the bull, 1 way low/right, etc, and kept doing that. After 9 rnds (about 4 in the red bull), he proclaimed that yep, there was something wrong with his gun! :upeyes: Then he left without sweeping up his brass... Oh well.

NRA National Conference is in St. Louis this month and I'm going to be back there and go check out the exhibiter's booths. ka-ching $, ka-ching $.

Mrs. Tink
04-02-2007, 10:58
No "real" shooting. I went to an auto show where the Army had a little fun tent with video games in the back. They had two plastic "MP5" rifles and one "1911" handgun hooked up to a computer thingamabob, and a big projector set up. The idea was sort of like the old Nintendo Duck Hunt. The first game, they had a terrorist hiding behind a hostage, and the idea was to shoot the terrorist and not the hostage. The second game was a set of holes in the ground, where little cannonballs would shoot upward out of them, and then fall back into the holes unless you shot the cannonball to pieces first.

At first, the lieutenant told me I was "aiming" too much, that it was a point-and-shoot. Well, it is hard to stop aiming! :) I got the hang of it.

I gotta say, I did really well. :number1:

04-02-2007, 20:12
the outdoor range is closed on mondays, so no ar shooting. :yuck:

so, instead i worked on accuracy for me reloads. i'm still not super-impressed, my group was about 1.5" at 50' using a rest. it's ok, but i think i'm gonna change powders and bullets and see what happens....