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04-04-2007, 13:10

Date: May 19, 2007
Class Location: Target Sports Post Falls, Idaho
Total Class Time: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tuition: $200
Limited to 25 Students

We are pulling out all the stops to make sure you will have the time of your life! Not only is the
location awesome, but all the included extras are well worth the price. If you are interested I am looking forward to speaking with you. Please call (208) 437-0612 extension 101 or email me at cheric@lonewolfdist.com for more information.

All participants will receive:

Complete Glock Reference Guide
Personalized Safety Glasses
Slide Cover Plate
Armorerís Tool
Certificate of Completion
10% off all future Lone Wolf brand items purchased.

Students will become familiar with all aspects of the Glock pistol, including its development and its manufacturing process. Field stripping and detailed disassemblies will instill confidence and help the student fully understand the pistols functioning and maintenance requirements. Diagnosing and correcting functioning problems will be addressed, as well as dealing with development problems and their corrections. Standard and advanced trigger options and various sight configurations will be shown.

The primary instructor for this training is Frank DiNuzzo. Frank has extensive knowledge of Glocks. He was employed by Glock, Inc. for twelve years. During his time with Glock, Frank held the positions of their first staff instructor and then chief instructor. As Chief Instructor he trained Glocks team of instructors, and created Glocks lesson plans and manuals. Before Frankís time at Glock he was a proud member of the New York State Police Department, while there, he held the position of Chief Firearms Instructor of a 4800 member force. He retired from the New York State Police after twenty-three years.

Included is a wonderful boat cruise on spectacular Lake Coeur díAlene.

Call to order at (208) 437-0612 or order online www.lonewolfdist.com