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04-14-2007, 14:33
The next Crossroads of the West gun show is coming up on April 28th and 29th at its usual place, South Towne Expo. I'm sure everyone here already knows but I figured I'd post just in case.

04-19-2007, 22:19
I thought the last one was yucky. :sad:

04-20-2007, 08:40
Originally posted by Cokeman
I thought the last one was yucky. :sad:

Please explain. I was thinking of going, but I have never been. If it was "yucky", maybe I'll save myself some time.

04-20-2007, 11:08
Some are top notch gun shows, some are trailer park flea markets.

No rhyme or reason, might be the time of year.

The last couple I've been two have been the latter.

One would think spring would make for a good show, here's hoping.


04-20-2007, 15:12
I've been to about 4 or 5 Crossroads Gun Shows and I agree with phox. They can be a really mixed bag. The last one I went to it didn't seem like there was much of anything other than beef-jerky and bread (which I'm not knocking at all).

There was a pristine FAL that I saw, but it was also at a pristine price.

I didn't see any real bargains. Gun wise the only thing I bought was one mag for my G19.

I will probably go to this one. Mainly looking for ammo, see how it goes.