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04-14-2007, 22:48

This class is for all Military personal and club members. If not a club member then a 30 day membership is included in the class fee’s.

The Ft Benning Rifle and Pistol Club is hosting a practical handgun class that is for all levels of shooters. The skills taught will cover basic practical pistol marksmanship, which will improve your ability to use a pistol in:
• Personal defense
• Competition style shooting
• General marksmanship

Topics include:
• Attributes of the handgun
• Stance, grip,
• How to control recoil
• Accuracy
• Controlled pairs
• Mozambique
• Reloads
• Prone firing position and more.

LOCATION: Roosevelt Range
COST: $200 for 16 hours (28-29 April 07)

• A service quality pistol
• 2-3 magazines
• 400 rounds of serviceable ammunition
• Hearing protection

For any one interested in going to this practical handgun class send an e-mail to: