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The Pontificator
04-16-2007, 19:19
Family Dollar sells their own private label Aloe Vera Gel (that "green goop") in an 18 oz. bottle for $2. :hugs:

That's a great price. The next cheapest is Ocean Potion (20 oz.) at Wally World for $3.97.

I use a lot of this stuff in the summer as an after-sun treatment. I also use it as an after-shave :ladiesman:

04-23-2007, 23:01
I have tons of it growing, despite ongoing draught and such, in the front yard. While the commerical aloe-based stuff is ok in a pinch, I've always had much better luck w/the glop right out of the freshly-sliced plant.

You don't want to learn the hard way just how well it works in and on the human eyes after they've sustained a liberal (and inadvertent) dousing with (and temporary blindness from) spray carb cleaner, btw.

The Pontificator
04-27-2007, 18:49
Banana Boat's gel has a very nice soapy-herbal scent.

The Family Dollar brand has a coconut-type scent.

Ocean Potion has a melon scent.

N0-AD has no scent.