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04-22-2007, 13:16
From the NRA:
Pro-Gun Bills Marching Through Texas Legislature!
Please Contact the Calendars Committee Today!

This week, the House approved House Bill 991 by State Representative Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs), the NRA-backed Concealed Handgun License confidentiality bill. The bill now moves to the Senate State Affairs Committee for consideration.

Please contact the Senate State Affairs committee members, especially Chairman Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock), and urge them to consider and support HB 991. A list of committee members and their contact information can be found at

Another important NRA-supported bill, House Bill 1815 by State Representative Carl Isett (R-84), remains in the House Calendars Committee and has not yet been set for a vote by the full House. HB 1815 would clear up any ambiguities in the Texas Penal Code to make it clear that law-abiding Texans can possess handguns in their personal vehicles without needing a Concealed Handgun License.

Please contact the members of the Calendars Committee and politely urge them to set HB 1815 for consideration. Contact information for committee members can be found at

To find further contact information or help identifying your legislators
please use the "Write Your Representative" feature found at

04-22-2007, 13:21
Please read to see why the legislation above is so crucial.