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04-24-2007, 16:40
Is this any good for competition? Or does the latch get in the way of a quick draw? Any suggestions on a good holster for Rangemasters fun shoot or UDPL events? I don't plan on concealed carry any time soon.

Steve Koski
04-24-2007, 18:11
I would avoid a holster with a button you have to push, or a thumb strap (but that's just my personal preference, and the SERPA seems like the least bad of these options). Also avoid tactical thigh rigs.

04-24-2007, 18:29

What do you use (just out of curiosity)?

04-24-2007, 19:51
Originally posted by RMTactical

What do you use (just out of curiosity)?

Last 3-gun match he had an IWB holster IIRC. Looked to be Kydex, Comp-tac maybe.

I will second Steve's comment to avoid the thigh holster. They look cool but 5 minutes into the match I wanted to throw mine. My thigh holster has a strap on it and slows drawing the gun. I now use a paddle holster from Comp-tac. Bladetech makes nice holsters too but the wait is too long.

Talking to some of the guys that act as safety officers they've said they don't care for the thigh rigs because there's a tendency for the shooter to rotate the muzzle of the gun back back towards observers when holstering.

New shooters will kind of flop the muzzle out until the middle of the slide hits the front edge of the holster then once they feel contact they'll rotate the gun into the holster. As opposed to keeping the gun pointed down as it slides into the holster.

If you use a thigh holster it's a very good idea to turn parallel to the 180-line so that if your muzzle faces back you aren't DQ'd and most importantly not pointing a gun at friends.

Steve Koski
04-24-2007, 22:13
I'm on my second UCR by Threat Solutions. The first one developed a crack in a belt loop after about 4 years of abuse, and they replaced it for free! They tell me the current generation has replaceable loops, I haven't seen one.

It was mildly annoying at first (compared to a more flexible leather IWB I used previously), but after a couple weeks it felt as natural as could be. Very slim/thin, and my 35 slips right into it.

I also have one of these Blade Techs, but I don't compete with it (because I only occasionally carry with it). It would be a very good competition holster though.

If anyone wants, they can borrow mine at any UDPL event (Glock 35, but will fit smaller 9/40 frame guns too), just let me know so I remember to bring it. It has a 1.25" belt slot.

04-25-2007, 07:56
I don't shoot in formallized compition but at work I use a blackhawk thigh rig and have my draw to first shot on target in 1.7 secs. the blackhawk thigh rig is one of the better ones and it just takes practice.

04-25-2007, 08:46
Thanks for all the replys. I might take you up on that Blade tech, Steve, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it this weekend to the UDPL event. Do you go to many of the Rangemaster's Fun Shoots? Maybe I could try it there?

I thought that would be the case with the serpa holster. That's just what the guy was pushing at Rangemasters when I bought the gun. They look great but maybe not what I'm looking for.