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04-30-2007, 14:38
-- Contact Rep. Dingell and urge him to drop his support of the
Schumer-McCarthy bill!

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Last week, GOA alerted you twice to the Brady Law expansion bill --
legislation that will continue the assault on your Second Amendment

This bill (HR 297) is gun control, pure and simple, and it is being
pushed by the most rabid anti-gun congressmen in Washington. Current
and past sponsors include anti-gun Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Ted
Kennedy (D-MA), and Dick Durbin (D-IL). And on the House side,
there's the notorious Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and John Conyers (D-MI)
who are in full support of this gun control measure.

But what is confusing a lot of pro-gun Congressmen on the Hill is the
fact that a former NRA Board Director (Rep. John Dingell of Michigan)
and a current NRA board member (Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho) are both
on record in support of this legislation.

No wonder so many pro-gun congressmen on the Hill are confused.

So what can we do? Or more importantly, what can YOU do?

Well, your living in Michigan gives you a very powerful voice in this
fight. As mentioned above, a congressman from your state -- John
Dingell -- has already cosponsored this bill. It's not too late to
ask him to reconsider his support. After all, he opposed the
original Brady bill in 1993. So why, in heaven's name, would he
support an expansion of the law in 2007?

The Washington Post reported on April 20 that Rep. Dingell has become
the point man for pushing HR 297. As such, he should have to explain
to every Michigan resident why he thinks it was necessary for him to
become a mouthpiece for Sarah Brady and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY).

McCarthy is the Queen of Gun Control in the House of Representatives.
She holds an F- rating with Gun Owners of America. And while she is
the chief sponsor of this bill, she's taking a back seat, having
admitted to The Washington Post that her "crusades" for more gun
control have made her voice "toxic" in gun circles.

"So Dingell is handling negotiations with the NRA," the Post
reported. "Dingell is also in talks with Sens. Orrin G. Hatch
(R-Utah) and Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), House Minority Leader John A.
Boehner (R-Ohio) and Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (Wis.), the senior
Republican on the House Judiciary Committee."

In essence, Dingell has become an "evangelist" of sorts for
this gun
control bill in the House. And this from a former NRA Director! We
dare not let him stab the gun community in the back without us
raising a fuss.

And that's why your help is needed.

Getting Representative Dingell to back off of his evangelistic kick
-- and to renounce his support -- would send shockwaves through the
Congress and keep pro-gun legislators from getting behind this
legislation as well.

So it is imperative that you, and as many other gun owners in the
state of Michigan as you can find, contact Rep. Dingell and encourage
him to stop doing the dirty work for Sarah Brady and Carolyn
McCarthy. Tell him to stop selling out our rights.

You know that more gun control is not the answer to school shootings.
And that is why we have provided you a special letter below to really
help make the point that gun control is the problem, not the


1. Please take immediate action and contact Representative John
Dingell. You can write him by e-mailing his Legislative Director in
Washington, DC at:

Or you can contact Representative Dingell by:

Phone: 202-225-4071 -- or use the toll-free switchboard at
Fax: 202-226-0371

2. Circulate this e-mail far and wide in the state of Michigan. Get
EVERY GUN OWNER you can to contact Representative Dingell. Urge him
to reconsider his position on this bill and to renounce his previous
support of it.

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Representative Dingell:

I am very concerned about our Second Amendment rights. And I am
extremely disappointed that you are doing Carolyn McCarthy's dirty
work in supporting HR 297, as reported by The Washington Post on
April 20 in "Dingell, NRA Working on Bill to Strengthen Background

According to the Post, you have been anointed as the evangelist to
get pro-gun representatives to support HR 297, even though you voted
against the Brady bill in 1993. Why are you trying to expand
something you were against in the first place?

One of the nation's leading anti-gun medical publications, the
Journal of the American Medical Association, found that the Brady
registration law has failed to reduce murder rates. In August 2000,
JAMA reported that states implementing waiting periods and background
checks did "not [experience] reductions in homicide rates or overall
suicide rates." Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and the
National Academy of Sciences also found similar results.

So I implore you to NOT support this legislation... to tell Rep.
McCarthy that you want OUT... and that you will instead try to REPEAL
the gun control laws that create criminal safe zones, such as the one
that exists on the Virginia Tech campus where no one is allowed to
carry a gun for self-defense.

Rep. Dingell, do you really think that expanded background checks
will ultimately stop evil-minded people from getting a gun and
prevent school shootings? In considering your answer, don't forget
Canada, Germany and Scotland. Even though these countries have
imposed massive amounts of gun control, they have all been afflicted
with school shootings in the past ten years.

And are you aware that current gun control laws are denying
law-abiding Americans their Second Amendment rights -- sometimes
erroneously, but other times by intent? Before the Virginia Tech
massacre occurred on April 16, there were several students and
professors at that university who had publicly expressed their desire
to carry guns on campus. But gun control left them disarmed and

Now, rather than repealing existing gun control, HR 297 would expand
the Brady law -- even though it has already kept countless,
law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.
Americans have been prevented from buying guns because of outstanding
traffic tickets, because of errors, because the NICS computer system
has crashed, because combat veterans sought treatment to deal with
the shakes after returning home and because married couples got into
screaming matches with one another -- and are now disarmed for life
as a result of the Lautenberg gun ban that you voted for in 1996.

This should teach us that if you give an anti-gun bureaucrat an inch,
he'll take a mile. (By the way, Gun Owners of America has
documented, on its website, numerous instances of the abuses
mentioned above, which have resulted in good people being denied
their gun rights FOREVER.)

Again, I hope that you will reconsider your support for HR 297 and
renounce everything it stands for. Please tell me that you will do


05-01-2007, 18:59
Done that already for what it's worth.

Hello? Nobody home.


05-01-2007, 21:04
Originally posted by Errick
Done that already for what it's worth.

Hello? Nobody home.


The girl that answered the phone seemed all concerned that I expressed what I did about the good Mr. D...Probably just an act. Eh?