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Tom from Sauk
05-02-2007, 20:38
Went to Tennessee for hog. Used Glock 20. 180 Grain zipped right through chest. Pork in freezer.

05-03-2007, 18:45
Good deal, what bullet did you use? Also how far did the hog run after being shot? Esox357.

Tom from Sauk
05-03-2007, 20:02
I used Ranier 180 grain trucated bullets pushed by IMR 800 X. The pig moved as I pulled the trigger on the first shot. Landed about four inches back. Second shot put the hog down for good. Both bullets went trhu and tru. Love those 10 MM.


05-06-2007, 21:28
Can't wait to put my 10mm to good use on a hog or deer. I plan on using the 180 XTP and Longshot powder but who knows I might look into those raners. Congrats on the hog again. Esox357.

05-10-2007, 20:51
Where, exactly, in TN did you get that thing?

05-11-2007, 12:13

I'll be up in a climber this year during firearms deer season with my Glock 20 Longslide stoked with Doubletap 200gr XTP's for the third year in a row. I'm looking forward to it!! Thanks for the review and good shootin!

ps...what was the distance to the tusker?

05-13-2007, 14:16
This little piggy went wee wee wee to the freezer.:thumbsup: