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View Full Version : Hello everybody, Im about to get stationed at Ft.Lewis,Washington any info

05-03-2007, 16:21
Hello everybody, Im about to get stationed on Ft.Lewis,Washington, im a 63bravo,wheeled mechanic, any info on hunting ,fishing, shooting sports anything at all thanks ahead of time god bless

05-08-2007, 14:17
I have been stationed at Ft Lewis twice, and TDY there dozens of times. It's a great post if you like outdoor activities. Hunting can be done on post, or off. Lot's of places to go. Game includes deer, mountain goat, bear, coyote, as well as all the usual upland stuff. Of course you have to go over the mountains to get the best ducks and geese.

Fishing is also easy. There's dozens of lakes, good rivers, and of course the ocean. Salmon and steelhead are the biggest draw, but there's lots of other stuff out there. Good abalone diving too.

Snow skiing is good; the Pass is less than two hours away. Water skiing can be done on post. Beaches are not as good as Hawaii or California, but not bad.

The post has rifle, shotgun and archery ranges. Check MWR.

Join Washington Arms Collectors and do the shows at Puyallup (about 30 minutes from post, or the Rose City club and go to Portland for their monthly shows.

You're going to a great post. Enjoy.

CaliMoon2005- L
05-10-2007, 22:09
Ft. Lewis is a great place, but also it depend on what units you goes to..

Lewis is what you make of it, like it or hate it......

Georgia Lawman
05-11-2007, 08:05
Enjoy it, I was there 87-90 and had a great time. Yep it rains, but you will get use to that. Loved seeing the mountain from my window at Gray AAF

Fred Hansen
05-11-2007, 16:12
I live on Vashon island about 40 minutes north of Fort Lewis, and have lots of friends in and around the area who hunt/fish/camp/shoot. Our local American Legion Post 159 is currently working on a program to take military personnel fishing in Puget Sound. PM me for contact information, and I will do what I can to give any active duty/reserve/vet an opportunity to hunt blacktail deer here on Vashon and or go fishing -- even if it is only off the pier/beach.

Active duty/reserve/vets are also always welcome at the Vashon Sportsmen's Club (http://) as well. Contact me, and I'll see to it that someone will be available to sign you in as a guest at our range.

The Fort has some great shooting and hunting opportunities as well, and WA State is blessed with a wide array of habitats and their respective critters. It's also one of the best places on Earth to forage for mushrooms... provided one is careful of course.

Thanks for serving our country, and enjoy your tour of duty at Ft. Lewis.