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05-06-2007, 12:43
After sitting down and comparing the non-res permits from New Hampshire, Utah, and Florida, it looks like Utah is the best bang for the buck. You pick up 11 more states, it's good for 5 years, and it's only $59. There's a training requirement though that needs to be fulfilled to apply for the permit...does anyone know of any instructors in southeastern PA that have Utah courses? Also, did I neglect to look at any other non-res permits that would be even better than Utah? Thanks!


05-10-2007, 18:30
Unfortunately, I can only comment on SW Pa.

There is a class on May 22 given through the

They give this class a few times each year.

I got my Utah CCW through them.

The site states they would be willing to travel a reasonable distance if 10 people in an area and a host facility were available.

Check their site


05-10-2007, 18:53

05-10-2007, 21:13
Thanks for the info and links! :thumbsup: JSHolsters would be the hot ticket for me, since it's only an hour and half long drive for me, but looks like he only has the one class scheduled for this weekend (and unfortunately I already have plans). I'll have to send him an e-mail and see if he has plans to run the course again this summer. Thanks again guys.