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05-06-2007, 13:30
I was grabbing lunch the other day and noticed the 30.06 sign at Taco Cabanna on 30 and Buckner blvd. This got me thinking about getting a sticky of places that are posted so we know in advance. Maybe one for North Central; one for West; and one for South. Just as you find em post it here when you get a chance. yes, no, what do yall think? guess I sholdve read dglocksters thread before I posted my bright idea. sorry

05-07-2007, 00:38
Last night around 1am i hit the taco cabana on forest and.....well the cross road escapes me right now. Anywho, there was no signs what so ever on the door or entry way or anything, but when you enter and are standing in line to order theres a sign(not 30.06) that says no firearms allowed on premisis then right below another sign...the typical sign you see that says "unlisensed carry of a firearms is a crime blah, blah" of course i ingored it and carried on my marry way.

Sidenote: went to see george lopez tonight at nokia theater and they had the ghostbuster no firearm sign, and again i just ignored it.

But to the point i think it'd be a great idea to make a sticky notifing CHL'ers about anti establishments. Would have been useful on a visit to grapevine mills mall. After damn near a mile walk from the parking lot to see the 30.06 sign on the door was not a welcome sight.

05-07-2007, 04:41
Texas 30.06 (http://www.texas3006.com) is the best register of places such as TC. If we all use Texas 3006, then we can avoid using several different message boards.

Mr Jingles
05-08-2007, 11:01
Why patronize a business(s) that does not feel the same way that you do concerning guns? Why help keep them in business??

Taco Bueno and Denny's are both 30.06 gun prohibiters.

Go other places and let the management know they are losing your business.


05-13-2007, 09:53
I strongly believe that we should only patronize businesses that support our position on gun control and CHL and avoid those that do not. I would also recommend that we inform the manager or headquarters that we support/avoid their business because of their position. I am sure that some businesses would like to post the 30-06 sign but know they would loose customers if they did. Our dollars speak with a load voice.

Glenn E. Meyer
05-13-2007, 11:55
Lots of folks have told Taco C. that they object and won't go there. Seems not to have made a bit of difference from their response that people have posted.

05-13-2007, 13:03
Originally posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Lots of folks have told Taco C. that they object and won't go there. Seems not to have made a bit of difference from their response that people have posted.

Yeah ... I wrote them and they wrote back politely saying that they didn't need my business.

06-04-2007, 21:50
Personally I love TacoC's food, but their policy annoys me. However the restaurant I eat at is so far out of code its not even funny.

1. There is 4 doors for the public to enter and there are only 30.06 postings on two of them. The main doorway where everyone comes in to order their food does not have a sign

2. Both of the signs that are posted are not legal. Texas law requires 1" letters and the text of this sign is 3/8ths of a inch tall.

My buddy and I eat there all the time carrying. They day they get the signage right is the day I stop going there. I will also make it known to the local and central office just how much money they lose when I leave.

Glenn E. Meyer
06-05-2007, 13:15
1. They don't care.

2. If you call them and tell them off and they tell you that it is their policy - you have been personally verbally notified and that the sign is no good is meaningless - you can't carry there.

3. Maybe you don't care but if it ever came up, you were notified.

Plenty of tacos in TX, don't need them.

06-14-2007, 20:07
well said...