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05-07-2007, 18:57
OK, so the last couple times I have started up my '95 Tacoma, it has acted a bit funny... It just doesn't feel right, kinda shakes and shudders a bit. Comes and goes too. Still drives though, and I only notice it when the truck is idled.

The truck in question is a 1995 Toyota Tacoma V6 extra cab 4x4 automatic.

It has 87K miles on it. Hasn't given me a bit of trouble aside from me having to replace the radiator a couple weeks ago and normal maintenance (oil changes, etc...), so I guess it's time for me to do some extra maintenance on this truck... it is getting older...

It's been suggested to me that it "could" be an O2 sensor (but no check engine light) or the MAF may need cleaning... I am a car idiot, so I haven't the slightest clue...

Any help/thoughts are appreciated.


05-07-2007, 19:30
This thread has good advice on general rough idle troubleshooting.

05-19-2007, 18:43
have you checked on the ttora board?

05-20-2007, 21:47
+1 on the Maf sensor.....Sometimes they go out with no check engine light, tend to cause idle and rpm fluctuations around 2-3k rpm. Even when metered they check ok....Real PITA if thats it. Try to find someone with a known good Maf and see if u can switch for a few minutes.....Clear any engine codes first if there are any. Always reset ecu

05-21-2007, 20:37
Well, the check engine light came on so I took it down to the autozone to have it checked. The code it gave was PO305 IIRC which is basically a misfire in cylinder #5. So, I am gonna just do a tune up on it and see if that fixes the problem.

Thanks guys.