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rides a horse
05-10-2007, 18:47
leather seats with "Blue Magic" cleaner do I need to put conditioner on them too?

05-13-2007, 15:58
Is blue magic a general cleaner?

I wouldn't use something to clean leather unless it specifically said leather on there. Most household cleaners will really dry out the leather and make it more prone to cracking or even fading.

And after using a leather cleaner, it's always good to condition it.

Lexol (http://www.lexol.com/lexol.html) cleaner and conditioner is one of the best locally avaiable leather products.

I've read though that some people do not like lexol's smell.

One of the best detailers on a car board i frequent recommended 4 star leather cleaner and conditioner a while back to me 4 star (http://www.premiumautocare.com/car-carpet-upholstery-leather.html)

He says it has a really good leather scent.

rides a horse
05-13-2007, 16:33
Sorry, I guess I should have said that Blue Magic is a leather cleaner. They, Blue Magic also makes a leather conditioner.
I just didn't know if the conditioner was necessary. I'll go back and get the conditioner.
I think Blue Magic cleaner smells like Gojo hand cleaner.

The seats were pretty dirty and now they look real good.
I'm going to keep this car and want to keep it looking nice.

rides a horse
05-15-2007, 19:47
Man what a difference the conditioner made. Now they have a sheen to them and they feel great. Best thing I did to them. They feel and look better then new.