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05-13-2007, 10:39
Okay, I live in the People's Replublic of Mecklenburg County and was previously a member of Shooters Express. In addition to the outrageous taxes, fees, etc., Shooters has limited their membership fees to two options: $199/yearly for yourself or family or $249.95 for a premium membership.

Considering I go there mainly on the weekends, what other choices do I have? I've looked into Charlotte Gun Club in Waxhaw but don't want to deal with their membership requirements (nor is it a savings, for that matter). The Bullet Hole is further away and almost as expensive and once gas is included, no bargain. Fire Power in Matthews, well, is just a frightful experience given the last three times I've been there.

I really don't relish having to pay such a high price to shoot my gun. Shooters used to have a 6 month option that was more suitable and slightly less expensive since they've raised their prices. It kind of peeves me that they said I could renew at the same terms but now say that it's the yearly option or nothing else. Makes me wonder when they raise their prices AGAIN, that they'd be inclined to take the same tack.

Sorry about the rant, but for those that used to shoot there at Shooters, where else have you found that's close by and reasonable? I haven't gone to the range in two months cause I just don't want to support a range where I have to wait 30 mins. on the weekend to shoot while paying such a premium for the priviledge. Any other suggestions on where to go?

05-13-2007, 14:39
That price isn't out of line. You can either pay to use their facility, or buy a piece of land and go shoot on that. I've done both, and each has it's pro's and con's.

05-14-2007, 12:27
I am in the same dilemma as you. I used to go to Shooters Express alot (especially since it is so close to work). But with the super long waits and higher prices I really had no reson to renew my membership.

I now live in Matthews and I am real close to Fire Power and I have found that place to be the reason gun right advocates win the occasional argument. Too many nuts and "know it alls" with very little proper gun handling experience. They also seem to let just about anyone shoot no matter what the skill level.

The best think I have found is The Bullet Hole. Not too far for me but their membership rates are decent and they never seem to be as jammed packed as the other two.

I am not a member of the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club but I do know they have an indoor range for members and guests that is on Independance Boulevard near I-485. You get a key and I think you can go whenever you want. I was there once on a Saturday and it was actually nice. I just can't affort the membership dues along with the time it takes to "pledge" membership.

05-16-2007, 17:12
Well, I think I got my solution. I spoke with someone at Mecklenburg Wildlife Club yesterday and got the lowdown on the fees, membership requirements, etc. Ironically, I also wound up speaking to a fellow co-worker who's into guns and he's been a member there as well as other places around town (Chlt Gun & Rifle Club, Shooters Express, DNL (now the Bullet Hole), etc.

He said the Meck. Wildlife range is nice and quiet but it's pretty basic. They've got a covered/open air shooting area and a 200 yd rifle range. There's only about 300 members total and you can come and go as you please. Most he's ever seen there is 7 on the weekend.

They don't have much in the way of competitions although there are some from time to time. But again, that's okay since most competitions are open at other ranges as well as (I believe?) the bowling pin shoots at Shooters Express. They've got some steel targets that you can use as well as stands there.

The only downside I see is the potential lack of comraderie that you might find at a busier range and of course you have to remember to bring all your own targets that you'll need. But, they're open from 8am to dusk, M-Sat; 12pm-dusk on Sunday. That'll mean less as the days get shorter when we head into Fall and Winter, but it'd be nice to shoot outdoors for a change and especially since you can shoot something different than just paper targets all the time (I'd love to do some water jug expansion tests just for kicks) and maybe grab one of those reactive targets that you shoot around on the ground.

Membership fee is $250 and you have to also be a member of the NRA. So total cost would be around $285. So far there seems to be more positives than negatives but it is a bit more expensive than Shooters. Considering I'm relatively just a beginner (shooting for just over a year) and while I'm interested in doing an IDPA match, not sure that I'm ready for that yet.

P.S. I was at Shooters Express today and while I met three great guys (got to test his SigSauer while he shot my Glock), I also saw 4 potential gang members wanting to buy an AR. Most of the time it's fine there, but on a couple occassions in the last year, I thought to myself I wouldn't want to meet some of those guys in a dark alley.

05-16-2007, 20:13

Where exactly is Meck Wildlife Club and can you tell me who to contact about membership and maybe just going to see the range before joining? It seems to be this "big secret." I wonder if they cap membership?

05-17-2007, 14:59
Roy - PM Sent! :thumbsup:

05-18-2007, 10:53
If you dont mind the ride......I can get you in at Shooters (Statesville) under my corperate membership for $100 a year.

Rifle range:
Handgun range:

They are set up mostly for shotgun shooters but also have a 150 yard rifle range and pistol range.

05-18-2007, 13:27

Appreciate the offer and man, that's a great range fee price but unfortunately that'd be over 100 miles roundtrip to shoot. With gas the way it is, I need to stay with something closer to home.