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05-14-2007, 17:36
OK, I just put the hard drive back in my dell computer after trying to build another computer with parts from Fry Electronics that didn't work out(another thread in its own). Booted the machine and it booted up just fine, like normal, but now in the lower right hand corner of the screen is a message that says "windows Vista Build 6000 This copy of windows is not genuine". I have no idea what MS is talking about on this one. I bought a retail upgrade version of Vista Home Premium, and have only installed it on this one computer. I did try to make a ghost image of the hard drive simply to have a back-up of my stuff in case something happened. I guess MS can come get me if they want to, I have a legal copy of Vista that is only installed on one machine. I give up. Sometimes I think we need to go back to a Big Chief tablet and a #2 yellow pencil!:rofl:

05-14-2007, 17:41
U will have to call Microsoft - I know in XP - if U replaced more than a certain # of components, the software thought it was on another computer, and ya had to call and clear it up - and they would give U a way to fix it.

I hear Vista is even more strenuous when it comes to copyright protection.

You will have to call. Look in your manual for a #.

05-15-2007, 16:06
Ok, wait...this drive was in another machine, and now you moved it to a different box?

Yeah, Vista thinks you're stealing it by ghosting images onto a drive and then putting that drive into a different machine. Vista can tell that the motherboard, CPU and too much other hardware has changed, and doesn't trust itself anymore.

that's my hunch.

05-15-2007, 19:53
I did not move it to another box. I took it out of the Dell, and was going to put it in one I was building, but I had problems with the build so I stuck it BACK in the Dell without it ever booting up in another machine. I don't care anymore. I bought another computer last night, and I am going to put the Dell back like it was the day I got it with XP Home edition, and send it to my son. He doesn't care whether it has Vista or XP, and I think XP would be more trouble free for him.