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05-15-2007, 09:25
Me and my wife have recently been considering a move out of state. Michigan is just falling apart from the inside-out! We are in our 30`s with two kids. I have heard there is work out that way. I know some people don`t like out of staters coming to take thier jobs but I just want to make a better life for my family! We are good people looking to earn our way in(hopfully)a better place. GT has been a great source of info for me, so I thought I would see if any of you good people could take the time to help out a fellow gun enthusiest and give me a heads up or pointers on potential work/housing. I want to thank anyone in advance for any help you may give, my family and myself greatly appreciate any time you take to answer! THANKS:wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

05-17-2007, 07:55
The Western slope is booming right now because of all the newish oil production. If you have a commercial license you could be looking at 40-50K per year plus an extra 10K with a hazmat endorsement. In fact, the local schools have a hard time hiring male teachers because of the oil industry and almost every shop in town seems to have a help wanted sign so your kids and wife won't have any trouble. Having grown up in Grand Junction during it's latest depression and come back to visit I've observed a phenomenal change in the past 5 years. But realize that GJ is a boom town that might go bust in ~7 years like it did in the early 80's.

05-17-2007, 08:04
Thanks Brian! Any and all info is good. I see people look at this thread but don`t reply at all and I thought, please if anyone has any thing to say it`s better than nothing. THANK YOU!!!

Otis Driftwood
05-19-2007, 21:39
Originally posted by tedg-23
I know some people don`t like out of staters coming to take thier jobs but I just want to make a better life for my family! We are good people looking to earn our way in(hopfully)a better place.

Heck, don't worry about that. To me, it's the socialist Kalifornians and the like who are the problem. We need good salt of the earth folks like you guys!

But I believe that if any western state were to fall politically like Kalifornia and Neu York, it's Colorado. You might want to look at Wyoming, just for options:



You asked for input! :)

05-24-2007, 20:51
What is your occupation? I'm up North in Fort Collins. I hear from people that it's hard to find a job up here since everyone seems to have formal educations. I moved from out of state and haven't heard a thing about moving in.

05-24-2007, 21:38
I`m up for anything I can get that pays. I have no formal education but I`ve worn alot of hats in my day. I have a Michigan CDL-C, I`ve ran press lines and done die setting, hi-lo driving, Insulation (blown and bat), trim carpentry, you name it. I have my Michigan CPL/CCW and would even consider security work if the pay is right. I`m just looking for a better place for my family around a better class of people!!!

05-30-2007, 01:36
I live in Fort collins as well, and I'm from New York. I coudn't take the socialist mentality as well. In a ddition to more jobs lately, The gun rights will floor you. Your allowed yo keep a loaded handgun in your car no lic. required. You can go shooting out in the woods or Pawnee grass lands, and theyjust opened an indoor range at Hamblens on Mulberry right by I25 westside. No purchase permits for every gun.
As far as cost of living, the food is cheaper, and so is the electricity. Homes are reasonable, and exist in every bracket. the sheriff is pro gun, and class 3 is available. We have every major store and restaurants. We have a really good sporting goods store called JAX, they have everything for the outdoors and great selections. Crime is nothing compared to the east coast. We had zero murders one year, and only one or two normally. Anchorage Alaska had more murders than Fort Collins anually. The schools are rated top in the nation, anf Fort collins was rated #1 retirement community last year. That means it quite and safe, and affordable. Estes Park and Poudre canion and it's waist deep river are minutes away. My wife and family love it along the canion, theres BBQ pits nature spots restrooms(Spartan), rafting , tubing, and the best summer nap spots around, but use your head there are animals nearby, but they know the human areas. I havn't seen an animal there yet, but I did by my house, a cougar, and black bear. Fox infest our neighboorhood. I see at least one a day. Sometimes there walking with a house cat in their mouth. Not to worry no attacks that I know of accept for a cougar attack 10 years ago. It killed a small child.
I'm never going back. Durring the day its hot in summer and at night 60 degrees consistantly. The best sleep in summer I have ever had. Also , because out here there is the make my day law. It states that any uninvited person in your house can be shot dead. My son is a cop, and we studied the statutes, and there is very little to harm you in the event you shot an uninvited person found in your home. True story, a man wandered into his neighbors house drunk and was shot dead and the home owner recieved no punishment, as long as your inside the home and the shooting is inside your ok.
Good luck

05-30-2007, 08:43
I'm from Fort Collins as well. Having lived in California I can vouch for the higher quality of life and lower idiot density out here. My wife teaches severe ED (not mentally challenged kids, hoodlums) in a middle school so I'm fairly acquainted with the school district. Fort Collins is freedom of choice so you can send your kid anywhere if you can physically get them there. From where I live near the stadium I can go camping and be totally isolated from the outside world within 30 minutes or can get a latte at Barnes and Nobel in 10 minutes. The gun laws are very friendly but because of the recent shootings in this state part of the legislature seems intent on an 'assault' weapon crackdown and removal of unlicensed carry in a vehicle. If you haven't already, check out our gun laws at www.packing.org and

05-30-2007, 14:52
Thanks for that site BrianWD, great resource. We Coloradoans who are Republican need to get out and vote these Deomcrat crackpots out of office. I heard they bought their offices, and Republicans can't commpete, hardly. We sat on our laurels this time , because to many republicans are used to automatically winning eveytime, well there are a lot of Left coasters moving here, and socialist New Yorkers. They are obviously trying to change the mix out here. As I said I'm from New York, and It's ruined. I'm sorry, but I hate liberals. God forgive me for being hatefull, but I do. I do so , because they are ruining our Country by selling us out to the U.N., and any socialist entity that comes along, and there widdling away at our constitution. They feel we cannot think for ourselfs, or raise our kids. Meanwhile their kids are screwed up worst than ours. Just look at the Kennedy's kids, and these are kids with every opportunity. Than there are people like Rosie O'donell, Alec Baldwin, and the rest of those high falooten hypocrits, that have body guards with guns, and make public comments on military and political issues and are privy to no intelligence reports at all. There not even ex military. Don't even get me started on taxes. I love it when my wife and I are scraping by to try and by a house, and liberals call me the rich, and raise my taxes.
When it comes to terrorism I wan't to line I25 with cricified liberals when they say Its our fault 911 happened. That really burns my ass. I worked in tower one years ago as a security guard while in college, and went to school a few blocks away on chambers street.
These liberal embolden these terrorists by showing indecision and avoidance of violence. Their religion tells them to force their religion on others and kill anyone in their way. Hell they torture and mame their own people. In the name of God? Those scriptures are obviously perverted so as to impose their agendas. I think the devil pulled his best scam on these F$%^ers. You can almost here him chucling as he gives the 72 Rosie O'donells, and then pushes them into the pit were they are forced to watch the view, and eat with their left hand(thats the one they have to wipe their but with). Let us not forget, we are at war, and eventually it will come here as all wars do. At that time were will the gunless liberals be, in a pile?:50cal:

06-12-2007, 14:23
The work field is strong here in Western Colorado...Grand Junction is Booming...I'm in Montrose, and with the Telluride growth, and the growth in this community...there is lots of building related work. I have a friend who owns a drywall/sheetrock business he is always looking for reliable folks...and for a trucker. Denver is a hub....lots comming in and out of that city...with the oil shale up north, I would think a CDL would have lots of choices.

Holler when you get set on where you land, if its close I can show you a few ranges.


06-12-2007, 20:37
Thanks for the replys everyone it looks like we may be trying northern Michigan. We have a oportunity that poped up and we`ll be right on Lake Michigan. It`s beautiful up there and with a little luck it should be great. Thanks again for your time.

06-12-2007, 23:25
I have a couple of aquaintences from michigan, and they preffer it here. Mostly because of crapy gun rights and liberal enclaves there. Either way good luck, and via con Dios.

06-13-2007, 14:21
And Skeeters big as B57s:banana:

Good luck to you and your family