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05-15-2007, 14:21
Does anyone know what happened to Assault Technologies? I rode by there this weekend and they're now a paint-ball store?

Weren't they the store-front for Classic Arms? Is CA still in business and/or mail order only?


Zulu Alpha
05-15-2007, 19:51
Google is your friend (

05-16-2007, 07:28
I did a search for "assault" in Carolina Glockers and nothing came up, so I posted my question. Thanks for the link. Now I'll have to look for D&L/The Bullet Hole the next time I'm in Charlotte.

Zulu Alpha
05-16-2007, 16:45
Yeah it is a shame... missed seeing them @ the last gunshow... they were the ones that had the "interesting stuff"... Later

05-16-2007, 20:16


05-22-2007, 12:25
Classic Arms is still in business and seems to be doing well. As for Ass. Tech, the business is there, but now a "gear" company works in there. I'm pretty sure they still have Ass. Tech's old website url also.

Dont know if it is still happening or not, but I think Bullethole was in the process of closing down/looking to change managers/owners.