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05-16-2007, 12:07
Texas Tactical match this weekend, hope to see some of you there. Just look for a person in an Aggie hat shoot'n a Glock 34.

cwood? Glenn? Anybody else going? Anybody seen BigBear_98 lately?


DATE: Saturday May 19th
LOCATION: Cedar Ridge Range
SIGN UP: **0900HRS - 0945HRS**

Texas Tactical will be putting on an IDPA Match
this Saturday May 19th at the Cedar Ridge
Range between Austin and San Antonio. Bring a
friend or two or 3 and introduce them to all the
fun! Everyone is welcome!

If anyone would like to help with setup please
arrive at 0800hrs OR 0900hrs sharp. The range
owners open the gate at 0800hrs for us then they
lock it back until 0900hrs when the range
officially opens. Help would be greatly

For more info and directions check out:


Please arrive on time for sign up and promptly
sign up. This helps us bring you a more efficient
and enjoyable match.

Depending on interest and help there will
be a Shotgun Sidestage after the match. (Birdshot

Hope to see y'all there.

Michael "Iron Mike" Webb
Texas Tactical

05-16-2007, 12:18
Hey Ryan, thanks for the COF and for posting this.

Herb told me that Big Bear was working really hard plus spending "too much" time with his GF. I think he needs to just bring her along.:supergrin:

05-16-2007, 21:31
Work, again, inserts it nose under my shooting tent. I would love to join you.

Shoot well, all.

Have fun and be safe.

05-16-2007, 23:57
I think you might need a bigger tent Carl.:supergrin:

05-17-2007, 12:45
Bummer Carl, we'll see you next time.

As for bigbear, well, haven't heard from him in awhile, and his GT info is old:

bigbear_98 Last online:
17:01 10-23-2006


Glenn E. Meyer
05-20-2007, 17:00
Well, I had a great time. Shot the shotgun stage for the first. Need more trigger time with that gun.

Ryan and I shoot the same type of gun but my is bigger but slower.

Congrats to Mike for his appointment as the great Boobah of the SW IDPA.

I'll probably miss a few matches. Will be on the road. But I will get to shoot some in Pennsylania.

05-20-2007, 17:13
What appointment for Mike? Tell me more.

05-20-2007, 22:09
Originally posted by cwood
What appointment for Mike? Tell me more.

Area Coordinator for TX/LA/NM.

05-21-2007, 11:28
Yes, congratulations to Mike for his new role. He'll be a busy man.... :)

Great match this weekend, great weather, but I had too many mental mistakes...... :(

Here are some videos from the match:

Texas Tactical IDPA Match (5/19) (http://www.woodfam.com/download/Ryan_20070519_TexasTactical_IDPA.wmv)

Shotgun Sidematch (http://www.woodfam.com/download/Ryan_20070519_TexasTactical_Shotgun.wmv)


05-21-2007, 14:55
Missed it again! Had to go to my daughters honor student picnic! Maybe the next go 'round! I've got a new Nighthawk I want to try out on the course!!!

Glenn E. Meyer
05-21-2007, 15:23
Great pictures, Ryan!

The knock down the guy, strong hand only stage was a blast. Many rounds were fired one handed at the steel that day!

05-23-2007, 18:51
Here are some videos from the match:

Texas Tactical IDPA Match (5/19) (http://www.woodfam.com/download/Ryan_20070519_TexasTactical_IDPA.wmv)

Shotgun Sidematch (http://www.woodfam.com/download/Ryan_20070519_TexasTactical_Shotgun.wmv)

Ryan [/B]

Nice Videos...
Thanks for sharing those...