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05-16-2007, 19:44
NRA Alert: Texas Senate Committee To Consider Clarification to Right-To-Carry Legislation!

Please call the Senate Criminal Justice Committee Today!

Tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, May 17, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee will consider House Bill 1815 by Representative Carl Isett (R-Lubbock) and Senator Juan Hinojosa (D-McAllen).

This important NRA-supported measure will clarify, once and for all, that it is legal to transport a handgun in your motor vehicle for personal protection without a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), provided you are eligible to possess the firearm under state and federal law, you are not a member of a criminal street gang, and you are not committing any criminal activity at the time (other than a traffic violation,) and as long as the handgun is hidden from plain view.

Please contact the members of the committee below first thing Thursday morning and urge them to support HB 1815:

Chairman John Whitmire

Vice-Chairman Kel Seliger

Sen. John Carona

Sen. Bob Deuell

Sen. Glenn Hegar

05-16-2007, 21:33
Subject: HB 1815 needs to become law

Dear Senator,

It is past time that the affront to the legislature and law abiding citizens of this great State be concluded. For too long, various prosecuting agencies across the state have abused the clear intent of the legislature by refusing to acknowledge the fact that the legislature acted to ensure that good citizens in their personal vehicle should be able to travel in safety with a handgun and that law violators should not be able to do so.

The legislature should reaffirm that it is the legislature that makes the laws and the prosecutors who should follow their lead.


05-17-2007, 09:34
Good phrasing.

If more of us contact the senators perhaps the clarification will be accomplished.

05-17-2007, 19:53
HB 1815 Unanimously passed out of Senate Criminal Justice Committee with favorable recommendation
was certified for Local And Consent Committee.

Entering Local and Consent Committee means generally that it is a non-controversial bill likely to pass without much opposition.

This is really good news.