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05-20-2007, 20:20
John we missed you today. The party just wasn't the same without you.
Dean I know you thought I was going elsewhere when you read the subject line.

05-20-2007, 20:27
An IPSC match without 45gunner is like hot chocolate without marshmallows.

05-21-2007, 19:48
Thanks guys. I was there in spirit.
I heard there was plenty of action.

I have been practicing up to make a great comeback from my last performance. This time I'm not lifting weights before the match.

05-22-2007, 06:56
There was a lot to shoot at. We had one jerk in our squad that thought he was the Range Nazi. Funny thing is, he wasn't even the R.O., kind of ruined the day for me.

05-22-2007, 17:27
I enjoyed shooting with you guys at the match, it was good to be back again.

Hey Berretta.... Don't mind the range Nazi to much, You will find he is just that way! While he is well intentioned, he just comes off like it is his way or no way. He gets under my skin at times, I just listen and go on.

He did not like it when I did not call proceedure penalties on the new shooter for failure to engage on a stage.... I figured the guy already zeroed the stage, this was his first outdoor club match. I did however point out what he did wrong and made suggestions on how to do better next time to prevent from getting penalties.

I am glad you made it out and hope you come back again soon!

Thanks to all for helping me with the match on sunday!!!!


05-22-2007, 20:03
I'm not going to worry about him. In the future I just won't shoot in a squad with him. I'm pretty sure the rest of our group feel the same way about him. I don't know if I told you this but Dean, John and I went to Lewisport a few weeks back for R.O. school. They actually used his name as a do not be an R.O. like this guy. He's aparently known as a jerk in Owensboro too.

05-24-2007, 07:06

05-24-2007, 17:44
I've already sent this is an email to some of you, but for everyone else:

The provider that hosts the Hidden Hills website is currently offline. I'll post results sorted by division and stage when the site is back up. Meanwhile here are the results sorted into one big table, all divisions included. The stats may not easy to read, but:

Hidden Hillls Monthly Match May 20
Match Date: 5/20/2007
Combined divisions - These are NOT official results.

Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Lady For Age Points Mtch%
1 Yeker, Tony FY39846 A Open Major N N 496.6843 100.00%
2 Whitelaw, Grady FY375 M Production Minor N N 447.4621 90.09%
3 Trueblood, Robert FY44491 B Open Major N N Super Senior 426.2752 85.82%
4 Carroll, Kevin TY433759 A Limited Minor N N 416.3215 83.82%
5 Bedwell, Max A26597 GM Open Major N N 415.6649 83.69%
6 Butler, Dave A50141 B Limited Major N N 394.5019 79.43%
7 Griffin, Matt TY50704 U Limited 10 Major N N 383.8319 77.28%
8 West, Barry FY37478 M Limited Major N N 380.7468 76.66%
9 Littman, Kathy A31090 B Open Major N N 377.1431 75.93%
10 Higgins, Kevin Pen B Open Major N N 365.6610 73.62%
11 Leonard, Lee TY31497 B Open Major N N 329.2551 66.29%
12 Abbott, Charles A3756 A Open Major N N 314.8593 63.39%
13 Estill, Corey A57351 U Limited Major N N 312.1431 62.85%
14 Llasos, Teddy A37751 C Limited Major N N 290.2798 58.44%
15 Francisco, Dean A57650 D Production Minor N N 289.6071 58.31%
16 Himler, John TY49485 B Limited Major N N 285.0322 57.39%
17 Jawor, Jack A36120 B Revolver Major N N 284.0008 57.18%
18 Cambron, John A47581 B Limited 10 Major N N 279.3659 56.25%
19 Hubler, T.L. A57543 U Open Major N N 279.1768 56.21%
20 Smith, Bill A45502 U Production Minor N N 272.6931 54.90%
21 Armbrust, Mike Pen U Production Minor N N 257.2758 51.80%
22 Ellis, Barry A40338 B Limited 10 Major N N 245.6291 49.45%
23 Bibb, Tom TY57678 U Limited Major N N 243.4259 49.01%
24 Anderson, Lowell Pen U Production Minor N N 242.6449 48.85%
25 Meyer, Harold Pen U Production Minor N N 214.8180 43.25%
26 Bosco, Dominic A54720 U Production Minor N N 214.4036 43.17%
27 Koenig, Rick A48739 C Limited Major N N 204.0098 41.07%
28 Caskey, Jim A47439 C Limited 10 Major N N 189.8479 38.22%
29 Hoffner, Chris Pen U Limited Minor N N 179.2468 36.09%
30 Velten, E. Pen U Production Minor N N 168.6604 33.96%
31 Hodges, Greg A58796 U Production Minor N N 168.6447 33.95%
32 Reckner, Jack A47996 C Single Stack Major N N 167.4829 33.72%
33 Jones, Michael A58268 C Production Minor N N 163.6658 32.95%
34 Cashman, Al Pen U Limited 10 Major N N 121.5690 24.48%
35 Schwegman, Dan A57156 D Production Minor N N 98.1200 19.76%
36 Davidson, Scott Pen U Production Minor N N 72.8022 14.66%
37 Meyer, Daniel Pen U Production Minor N N 21.1984 4.27%