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05-21-2007, 00:27
to mess with!

Love you guys!:hugs:

05-24-2007, 20:17
Close One........:shocked:

i wonder how many people will fall for this:supergrin:

06-16-2007, 23:46
Ok PJ, get back to the oaf before LV takes your parking spot!

06-17-2007, 23:59
wow i was so about to get really mad for a second there. my boyfriends a fireman and so was my dad.i grew up around fireman i know all about them.

06-20-2007, 18:50
that was a close one. my oldest (12) was headed for the gun safe. he was hot when he seen that one. he is so hard core about FF. i came home the other night smelling like smoke and he walks by me and then stops and starts sniffing. i asked him what his problem was and he tells me i smell good. kid is warped. he cant wait until he can get on the explorer post at the FD. :crazy:

06-29-2007, 06:10
PJ, I thought for sure that graduating from the academy had gone to your head. Glad to see I was wrong, now leave the firefighters alone you troll :tongueout: