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05-23-2007, 15:10
Can someone tell me how to get your IP address off the computer?

05-23-2007, 15:29
If you use a router it would be your internal IP. Easiest to go to whatismyip.com or whatismyipaddress.com

Glock Bob
05-23-2007, 15:59
You might want to leave it on if you like GT. :rofl:

Click Start button
Click Run...
Type CMD in the box
Press Enter
Type ipconfig
Press Enter

05-23-2007, 16:21
Originally posted by truxrme
Can someone tell me how to get your IP address off the computer?

by "off" you mean "from", correct (hence Glock Bob's joke)?

If you disable the TCP/IP protocol to "remove" your IP address, you will be unable to get online.

Most people have 2 IP numbers: a private IP within their network (even if you have one computer and a router as a network) and a public IP available to the outside (the IP number of your router or external modem).

http://whatismyip.org/ displays your public IP.

Glock Bob's method displays your private IP.

05-25-2007, 19:16
If you are just trying to find the IP address, go to Start...Run... then type cmd. Type ipconfig for the very basic info or ipconfig /all for more detailed info.

Brass Nazi
05-25-2007, 19:21
What OS are you using?

05-30-2007, 19:49

05-30-2007, 20:19
Originally posted by James Trapp
What OS are you using?
+1 ifconfig for linux