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05-23-2007, 17:52
I'm passing along the following from NRA ILA Alerts. If you haven't contacted the legislators on this committee yet to respectfully and firmly state your opposition to this ill-considered legislation, time is running out. It worries and amazes me that this legislation is even under consideration here in Louisiana.

Gun Ban Proposal To Be Considered In Louisiana Committee!

"On Wednesday, May 30 at 9:30 AM in HCR-6, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will consider HB 869, a bill that would establish far-reaching restrictions on semi-automatic firearms (dubbing them “assault weapons”) and ammunition magazines. It would target every firearm modified to conform with the now-extinct Clinton Gun-Ban plus many other semi-automatic firearms that have no lineage to those rifles or any military-style orientation whatsoever.

HB 869 would also require current owners of such firearms to register their firearms with the State Police, obtain and renew a license annually to keep them, restrict how and where they may be used or transported, and allow the State Police to inspect private homes for compliance.

Please make plans to attend Wednesday's hearing to sign up in opposition to HB 869, and please contact the committee members below and urge them to vote "NO" on HB 869:

Administration of Criminal Justice Committee
(All members can be reached through the House switchboard at (225) 342-6945 or through the PULS line (800) 256-3793 outside the Baton Rouge area)

Chairman Danny Martiny

Representative Alex Heaton

Representative Damon Baldone

Representative Beverly Bruce

Representative Roy Burrell

Representative Don Cazayoux

Representative Charlie DeWitt

Representative Eric LaFleur

Representative “Romo” Romero

Representative Jane Smith

Representative Warren Triche

Representative "Bodi" White

Representative Ernest Wooton

Please keep checking for updates on this important firearms issue!"

05-24-2007, 00:54
Just sent out the e-mails , I will try to be there if I can clear the morning at work. Anyone else going?