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05-24-2007, 12:43
I read the followwing open letter in the Duluth paper.
Fed up with Duluth and in a hurry to leave

Duluth sucks.

The City Council keeps making mistakes, from budgeting money to allowing contractors to build whatever they want. I say get rid of each and every council member as they come up for election.

Welfare recipients keep coming to Duluth in droves. It seems all a woman has to do is go to the government building with a kid and immediately she can receive welfare benefits. If a man does it, nine out of 10 times heíll get denied. Thatís Duluth for you.

With regard to jobs in Duluth, anyone who wants a decent wage has to leave and head south. I wonder why.

Well, Duluth can keep its welfare mommies, its City Council that never listens to residents, its tourists who flog up here and pretend to own the city and its part-time condo owners. Duluth will not be my home much longer. I finally made concrete plans to leave the city and pretty much not come back to live.

I wish Duluthians well, but they should realize: The city needs to fix its problems, including outrageous rents and property values and the need for a better central form of government. Until that happens, I wonít miss this town one bit.
I don't know how far south this gentleman wants to go, but Carlton and Pine Counties are full of the same welfare that he's complaining about.

Perhaps if enough of us went to St. Paul?


05-24-2007, 19:11
Did you see how many signed up for section 8 housing lately?....
11,000....we need to send them back to Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and California where a bunch of them probably came from....and of course Somalia and Asia

05-25-2007, 18:45
A fight broke out at one of the local welfare complex's a while back. Enough people involved that you had damn near all of DPD there, county, state, Hermantown, UMD, AND Superior started coming over.

Damn near EVERY name run for warrants was out of.....



We're getting the worst of the worst and it ain't gettin any better. But Duluth/St. Louis Co. would rather have *EDITED* on welfare coming in off the FedGov's rolls than honest, hard working, law abiding taxpayers. I can't wait to put Duluth in my rear view mirror.

Otto Skorzeny
05-28-2007, 10:05
It sucks to hear this about Duluth. I was considering UMD for graduate school.

Oh well.

06-09-2007, 00:06
Originally posted by Otto Skorzeny
It sucks to hear this about Duluth. I was considering UMD for graduate school.

Oh well.

All this town basically is any more is:

2-College students
3-Homies from Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit, Chitcago, Milwaukee
4-Hmongs or Somalis