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05-24-2007, 15:11
OK, so I've got a couple ideas for (gun) magazine articles, and MAYBE a paperback adventure book. But I have several questions about becoming a writer, and submitting work.
First, what are the expected word counts for the average magazine article? and page/word counts for an average size paperback book?

How do I submit work to publishers (hard copy, disc (format?) email or?

How long does it take to get a response? are there some publishers to be avoided?

and if I wanted to try to submit a book for a series that, since the death of the original author, have been written by several different people (who are seldom credited on the cover), how do I approach the publisher? and what should I expect from them? Should I submit my story idea first, or should I go ahead and see if I can complete the book and then submit it?
This isn't really about money, so I did not ask about payment rates, just looking for something not too strenous to keep me busy during my pending retirement.
p.s. Please excuse typos, I'm typing this with bandaged fingers. :)